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The Top Nevada Home Insurance Tips

There’s no average home in Nevada. A luxury loft in Las Vegas and a ranch home in the desert are as different as a Desert Bighorn Sheep and a Mountain Bluebird. There are some truly diverse conditions in this big state, and accordingly, Nevada home insurance quotes diverge widely. A key means to secure great coverage at a price you can afford is to take personal responsibility in other parts of your life: keep a solid credit rating; make sure your insurance never lapses; and carefully account for all your possessions so that you know exactly how much they’re worth to you. But the best way to find the lowest Nevada home insurance rates is to compare all the offers you can find. Even Vegas would give you great odds on that.


Minimizing Your Nevada Home Insurance

Out in the Mojave Desert or near Death Valley, you might think you’ve escaped some of the dangers that plague urban areas. But did you know one of the driving factors for Nevada home insurance quotes is fire protection? The farther your home is from the nearest fire department, as well as the nearest fire hydrant, the lower your fire protection rating. As a result, your Nevada home insurance is likely to be high –unless you protect your house. Install smoke alarms in every room. Buy fire extinguishers –one per floor, minimum. Consider a sprinkler system. In December 2009, the average Nevada resident paid an annual home insurance premium of $534. By adding in-home fire protection, Nevada home insurance quotes fall to around $454.

Since protection is the goal of home insurance, theft is a concern to insurance companies. For all its virtues, the Silver State has an annual crime rate nearly 25% higher than the national average. In 2008, Nevada had the third highest murder rate, and the highest rate of robbery and motor vehicle theft. Even in more rural areas, anti-theft devices in your home lead to lower Nevada home insurance quotes. By installing deadbolt locks and a burglar alarm system, you can lower the average premium from $534 to around $481. In fact, anytime you make improvements that lower the risk of accident in your home –updating the roof, say, or the plumbing –you should let potential insurers know. You can always shop around for better rates.

The Rumbling Ground

Nevada is earthquake country –particularly the western half of the state. The Battle Born State ranks third behind California and Alaska for earthquake frequency. Regardless of the level of protection you purchase for your home, earthquakes are one peril that will not be covered. In some instances, an insurer will allow you to add earthquake coverage as an endorsement to your policy. This results in higher Nevada home insurance quotes, but may be lower than a separate earthquake policy, so make sure you ask about all your options. If your dwelling is worth $300,000, an earthquake policy will cost around $450 a year. In addition to the worth of your home, factors such as type of construction and foundation will affect the rate. The deductible is often high –about 10% of your home’s value. After you find the Nevada home insurance quotes that meet your needs, it’s up to you to decide if you want the additional expense of earthquake coverage. As with any insurance decision, you’ll find that comparing earthquake policies helps you find the best premium. A free service like NetQuote can do the comparison shopping for you. Once you enter your information, you can also see ways to offset such additional costs, such as combining your home and auto insurance policies. Review all the options, and you can keep your home insurance quotes low.

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