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Las Vegas Insurance: Not a Gamble at All

Could it be that we’ve all had Las Vegas wrong? Given the number of advertisements advising us that we can leave our indiscretions in the city, it’s no wonder the moniker Sin City is so prevalent. But Las Vegas also has the most churches per capita of any major city in the country. Instead of the casinos, local artists and musicians draw residents downtown on First Fridays. And you can be sure there are plenty of parents who want to set good examples for the more than 300,000 kids in the Las Vegas school system. They should also think about how to protect their future. Las Vegas insurance is the safest bet around.

Your Home Insurance Costs

In the Entertainment Capital of the World, you want to be sure you can continue to do some entertaining of your own, whether it’s hosting a dinner party or just watching a little TV. The average homeowner in Las Vegas pays an annual premium of $506 for Nevada home insurance. But when you compare Las Vegas insurance quotes, you can definitely pay less with a few upgrades to your house. With one of the highest crime rates nationwide, you’ll need to convince your policy provider that your home is safe. If you add a burglar alarm and deadbolt locks, you can save up to $50 on your premium. Factor in another $75 off from adding a smoke alarm and handy fire extinguishers. However, if you make the kind of upgrades that significantly raise the value of your home-granite countertops, for example-then you should also shop for Las Vegas insurance quotes that accurately reflect the amount of coverage your home now demands.

Quick Quake Coverage

Only Alaska and California experience more earthquakes than Nevada. And unfortunately, earthquakes are like war to an insurance company: they won’t list either as a peril they’ll cover. When you shop around, ask if you can add an endorsement to your policy that provides earthquake coverage. You may end up needing a separate policy for earthquake coverage if you want to have the peace of mind that comes with full protection for your home and its contents. Determine your best Las Vegas insurance quotes first, and then weigh the increased cost for an additional policy.

Leaving Las Vegas

Within city limits or driving to another Nevada locale, everyone must have proof of Nevada car insurance. Otherwise, you’re looking at a suspended license at the least, and you may have your car impounded. Here’s the minimum you need to figure when you search for Las Vegas insurance quotes: bodily injury liability of $15,000 for one person; $30,000 as a per-accident total; and a property damage policy of $10,000. Don’t ignore state law. In a gambling city, you can expect the house to win most of the time.

Be Smart to Save

Insurers want to know you’re responsible, so certain factors always influence your Las Vegas insurance quotes. These include insurance history and driving history. A 41-year-old Las Vegas man who drives a 2005 Ford Mustang about 15 miles a day. To purchase the state minimum car insurance, he’ll pay about $880 per year. All he would have to do to add another $150 is get a speeding ticket. Or, if he skipped insurance for a month, then searched for Las Vegas insurance quotes, he’d likely see them go up about $200. In the end, it comes down to common sense. For your home, car, health or life insurance needs, consider an umbrella policy that allows you to pay less for each. Then let perform your Nevada insurance quote comparison shopping. It’s free, easy, and your best option for insuring yourself against accidents. That way, you’ll ensure that what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay that way.

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