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The Gateway to Security: Omaha Insurance

Proud Omaha natives know their city as the Gateway to the West. Unfortunately, Omaha is also a prime member of Tornado Alley. Historically, the strong winds and floods that have swept through Omaha have done quite a bit of damage. But there’s plenty to be optimistic about. When Forbes Magazine recently called Omaha the “Best Bang-For-The-Buck City” in America, the editors might have been referring to Omaha insurance quotes. Regardless of inclement weather, smart comparison shopping will lead to excellent Nebraska home and car insurance at a reasonable price. In that respect, finding the best Omaha insurance is yet another chance to act according to the city motto: “Courageously in every enterprise.”

Start at Your House

Omaha home insurance has recently fallen to an average of $684 per year, but don’t count on that amount; rates change all the time, which is why shopping for Omaha insurance quotes is always a good idea. If even that amount seems high, then dedicate yourself to lowering your costs. Alarm systems are a great place to begin. Good anti-theft protection can lower your premium by 10%. Anti-fire measures may cut another 15%. You could easily change that average cost to just over $500.

Wind Damage

No amount of preparation is enough for a powerful tornado, but great Nebraska home insurance allows you to make a quick comeback. Think about the Omaha Tornado of 1975, which blew across 10 miles worth of streets and homes, causing tens of millions of dollars in damages. Prepare yourself. First, check your policy to see what coverage you have. A basic HO-1 protects against wind damage, but doesn’t fully cover the contents of your house. Account for everything you want to replace in the event of disaster, review some more comprehensive policies, and then compare Omaha insurance quotes to find the right solution. Remember, you can usually get more coverage for less simply by raising your deductible.

Close the Flood Gates

You know Carter Lake, right? Yes, the one formed by a flood. From the Great Flood of 1881 to the 1952 flood that forced 40,000 people to evacuate, Omaha has seen its share of high water. Defenses are better these days, but it pays to be prepared. A typical home insurance policy won’t cover floodwater damage. You’ll need to buy a separate federal policy. Factor this into any Omaha insurance quotes you find.

Listen to the Umpire

If you want to keep attending the College World Series year after year, you need to be safe on the road. And that starts with obeying the law. To avoid a $500 fine and license suspension, everyone in the Cornhusker State must purchase some minimum car insurance: bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, and property damage coverage of $25,000. And this is just like a ticket to the game; if you want your insurance to protect you like a star pitcher against a home runner hitter, consider expanding that minimum coverage and searching for better Omaha insurance quotes.

Save When You Shop

Omaha insurance quotes have a starting point for drivers, but you can finagle them. A 31-year-old Omaha woman who drives a 2006 Toyota Landcruiser to work every weekday will pay around $830 each year for minimum coverage. By adding her husband to the policy, she can save over $100 per driver-even if he drives a newer car like a 2008 Honda Accord. You can also save by making your home and auto insurance a single policy. Let a convenient service like compare Nebraska car insurance rates for you. It doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll know you’ve found the best deal. That kind of common sense doesn’t even require courage.

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