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Driving the Great Plains: Nebraska Auto Insurance


If you examine the contents of The World’s Largest Time Capsule in Seward, you’ll probably discover that life used to be a lot simpler. Back when there wasn’t so much competition, auto insurance was pretty straightforward. Now you can search for coverage online and find hundreds of Nebraska auto insurance quotes. So many factors exist, from your driving history to the advanced technology in various cars, that it can take hours and hours to do the proper amount of comparison shopping. Here is some information that can help you in your decision-making.

Offensive Philosophy

The backbone of the classic Cornhusker teams was running the ball. Think of the basic Nebraska auto insurance quotes in a similar way. By state law, every driver must have minimum liability insurance of $25,000 per person per accident, $50,000 per accident bodily injury, and $25,000 per accident property damage. (There are a few exceptions: dealer-plated vehicles, 30-day plated vehicles, boats, trailers, and campers on the back of trucks.) If you drive without meeting these requirements, you’ll face a fine of up to $500 and suspension of your license and registration. Afterward, you’ll have to file an SR-22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license reinstated –which then results in higher insurance premiums. There are ways to get lower Nebraska auto insurance quotes even within these minimum standards. An option quarterback who’s also a skilled passer can really exploit some defenses. Likewise, complementing a good driving record with things like airbags and anti-theft devices will get you better results: lower premiums.

Understand the Insurer’s Point of View

When determining Nebraska auto insurance quotes, companies assign you a risk factor. Gender matters; generally speaking, males are considered higher-risk than females. In Lincoln, a 20-yr-old male college student who drives a 2004 Mazda RX8 wants the state minimum coverage. He drives about four miles roundtrip, three days a week, and receives a quote for $1,213 a year. For those same parameters, a female student receives an average quote just under $1,190.

Age matters, too, since older drivers (before age 65) are considered safer. A 40-year-old man in Lincoln who drives about eight miles one way to work, five days a week, will pay an average of $440 annually.

More Ways to Save

If you increase your education level and achieve a higher employment status, you may want to search for better Nebraska auto insurance quotes. Marriage and placing multiple cars on one policy play a part, too. A 35-year-old woman in Omaha who wants the state minimum coverage may first file as single. If she drives a 2006 Jeep Liberty to work five days a week, her average annual premium will be $438. But if she adds her 36-year-old husband and his 2004 Land Rover to her policy, the total premium will be around $632. Now the average is $316 per person, even though coverage for men is generally more expensive, and he drives an expensive car. Keep in mind, though, that all companies evaluate these criteria in their own way. The absolute best way to find the best auto insurance quotes in Nebraska is to shop around.

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