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The Last Best Place for Montana Insurance

In Montana, “The Last Best Place” is much more than a slogan. It’s a way of life. With blue-ribbon trout fishing, glorious national parks, world-class skiing, and miles of open space, who would want to live anywhere else? Likewise, you want the best protection you can find to preserve this way of life. Searching through all the offers from life insurance, business insurance , homeowners insurance, health insurance and auto insurance agents to find the lowest Montana insurance quotes can be more difficult than scaling Granite Peak. A service like NetQuote makes the entire process simple and cost-free. You can shop around quickly and efficiently –and still reserve your weekend to cast a fly or two.

Driving Under the Big Sky

If you want to drive in Montana, you have to establish financial responsibility. Most drivers in the Treasure State do this through liability insurance. In effect, this means carrying a 25/50/10: 25,000 for injury/death for one person, $50,000 for injury/death to more than one person, and $10,000 for damage to property. If you gamble, and skip these requirements, you’re looking at fines as high as $500, five points on your license, and maybe even 10 days in jail –and that’s as a first-time offender. If you get caught a second time, the fine and likelihood of jail time increase, and a license suspension of 90 days is automatic. You might as well be a Yellowstone tourist trying to photograph his kid on a bison. Instead, investigate the many Montana car insurance quotes to find the coverage you can afford.

Homeland Security

The Land of the Shining Mountains sees quite a bit of sunshine each year. Even in the summer, though, you never know when a hailstorm might suddenly descend and hurl some serious damage on your home. Montana homeowners insurance is likely to include protection against such damage, but you need to be sure. One thing that affects your Montana insurance quotes is the type of construction. If you live in a frame house, your premium will most likely be higher than someone who has a brick home. If it’s an older home, with low market value, even the higher premium might not cover extensive damage of fire, hail, or heavy snow on the roof. Compare Montana insurance quotes for your home to adequately protect yourself at the right price. One common practice in the state is to avoid buying insurance for your land. All that extra space beneath the Big Sky is certainly valuable –but unlikely to require protection from the elements. Or consider raising your deductible. Most policies will require a $500 deductible. If you opt for 1 $1,000 deductible instead, your premium can fall as much as 25%.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Montana insurance is a headache only if you allow it to be. Take the initiative instead. Maybe the traffic is greater and the average home price higher in Billings, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept any Montana insurance quotes you’re offered. Look around. Compare. You’ll often find that your premiums on auto and home insurance decrease as much as 15% if you combine your policies. If your driving record improves, or you improve the structure of your home –even if your credit rating improves –it pays to shop around for new policies. A free service like NetQuote will make the entire comparison process as smooth as Flathead Lake. And then all that open space will look a lot sunnier.

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