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Your (relatively) sky high St. Charles insurance rates have compelled you to go online to explore discount opportunities and ways you can cut coverage without exposing yourself (too much) to unnecessary risks. It makes sense to do research — any St. Charles insurance agent worth his or her salt would advise you to reassess your rates annually, if not sooner, irrespective of your budgetary concerns. But, truth be told, life near St. Louis has been hard of late (as of 2010) due to the closing of local businesses and general Great Recession related blues.

All that said, life here is hopeful, too. Town celebrations ranging from Oktoberfest to the Festival of the Little Hills attract thousands of visitors annually. The burgeoning market along the River Front area likewise fosters a sense of community spirit and entrepreneurship. And the town by any measure is a great place for kids — is there any cuter site in the world than watching cherubic young ones gaze in wonder at the ice carvings at North Main Street’s Fete de Glace?

The point is that, in all likelihood, it is possible to significantly optimize your insurance policy scheme. This essay can introduce you to some key strategic themes that may not have occurred to you — as well as connect you with an awesome way to source St. Charles insurance quotes.

Surprising Tactics to Save
If, like the average Missourian, you currently pay $726 for your HO-3 homeowners package (which, incidentally, is nearly $100 less than what the average US HO-3 policy owner paid in 2007, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners), you might consider making an upfront investment to save on your rates. For instance, install a smoke alarm that rings at your local fire department, put in storm-proof windows, and get rid of risky toys like trampolines. Doing these small tasks won’t take you much time — and will yield ancillary benefits, such as much better protection. And even if they only save you 5% to 10% on your rates, if you plan to live in St. Charles for some time, over the years, those savings can extrapolate to hundreds if not thousands of dollars — all for doing something that probably is on your to-do list anyway.

With respect to auto insurance, Missourians in 2007 (according to the NAIC) paid $658 for auto — nearly $150 less than what the average US driver paid ($795). To get those rates down, work with an insurance agent to scan for discounts. If you don’t drive too much, if you haven’t made a claim in three to five years, if you are a good student, if you are a senior citizen, if you are willing to purchase St. Charles insurance together with your spouse, and if you have the funds to pay your premiums annually (as opposed to incrementally — monthly or quarterly), you can unpack substantial savings — all without sacrificing any kind of coverage.

Don’t think of insurance shopping as a one-time affair — reevaluate your coverage after any major life event (marriage, buying a new house, kid getting her drivers’ license, etc) or annually — whichever comes first — to make sure that your coverage is optimized and cost effective.

Shopping for Superior St. Charles Insurance Quotes
Do you want to get 5+ free St. Charles insurance quotes now from some of the top carriers in the US? If so, use NetQuote’s free online form to gather great data that you can use to grab coverage or further your research. Since 1989, we’ve helped thousands of consumers in similar situations save tremendously on their rates.

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