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Saintly Advice: St. Paul Insurance

Insurance rates in the Saintly City fluctuate as often as the weekly forecast. Whether you’re looking for better, more affordable coverage than what you’re St. Paul insurance company is currently offering or if you’re purchasing your first policy, here are some things to think about when you’re shopping for St. Paul insurance.

Supplementing Your Auto Insurance

It’s no wonder Minnesota requires drivers to carry personal injury protection, underinsured motorist, and uninsured motorist coverage along with the standard liability insurance. St. Paul’s weather conditions are diverse to say the least. It experiences snow, fog, ice, rain and tornadoes, all of which are causes of concern when it comes to driving. The good news is Minnesota average auto premiums are less than the U.S. average. In 2007, the average cost of auto insurance in Minnesota was $721 which was $74 less than the U.S. average, according to the Insurance Information Institute. You have lots of protection with your liability insurance, but arming yourself with additional collision and comprehensive auto coverage will ensure your vehicle is repaired or replaced in the event it is rendered totaled. You just might find it’s more affordable to carry this extra insurance than to pay out-of-pocket for damages caused from a weather-related accident. It could be an eye-opening experience to see firsthand the difference you’d pay for maximum coverage versus the state’s required minimum coverage if you gather multiple St. Paul insurance quotes.

Look Before You Buy

It’s exciting to buy your first home. The deciding factor might be the number of bedrooms, a large backyard or a two-car garage when narrowing down the house you want. This could be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime and it would do you well to do your research before you buy. With that being said, consider the factors that can affect your homeowners insurance premiums before you come to a decision. First of all, the characteristics of your home will have an impact on your St. Paul insurance. Characteristics include its age, structure, roof and wiring. Homes built of weather- and fire-resistant materials like stone or brick will save you money on your premiums because the house is less likely to be damaged. Second, your location can make a difference. For example, you’ll save money if you live close to a fire station or if you live in a neighborhood that experiences little theft. The benefit of a home built close to a fire station is the quicker response time fire fighters have which means damage to the house could be less severe. Third, the protective devices installed in your home will cut your homeowners insurance cost. Devices like burglar alarms, dead bolt locks, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and smoke detectors help to safeguard yours and your insurer’s investment: your home.

Finding St. Paul Insurance Quotes

Like the Twin Cities, some things are simpler when lumped together. The same goes when it comes to combining your insurance policies. You’ll find many St. Paul insurance companies will dole out discounts to those who decide to insure their homes and vehicles through the same provider. Rather than pursuing these companies on your own, hand the reigns over to NetQuote and be matched up with several companies that want to offer you the most affordable St. Paul insurance quotes.

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