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Countless Defenses: Minnesota Business Insurance

If the population of the Twin Cities greater metropolitan area is dizzying, the number of major businesses is only slightly less so. From the corporate headquarters of Target, 3M, and Land O’ Lakes to private companies like Cargill, there’s a lot of business to account for. And that means a vast amount of Minnesota business insurance is necessary to cover the diverse risks, including office buildings, expensive machinery and other equipment, workers’ compensation for countless employees, and liability risks that extend nationwide. But every business owner, from Duluth to Mankato, can take advantage of the dozens of Minnesota business insurance quotes available online. By doing so, you can save money, too.

Worker’s Compensation in the North Star State

As you probably know, a workers’ compensation plan is mandatory in Minnesota for all employers. This can take the form of a workers’ compensation insurance policy or by becoming self-insured. If you choose insurance, don’t forget to include these costs in your search for Minnesota business insurance quotes. While some exceptions to the state law exist, employees can include minors, part-time workers, and workers who are not citizens. To save yourself some valuable dollars, we suggest going the insurance route and comparing multiple online offers.

Liability Is Everywhere

To a cost-conscious business owner, the Land of 10,000 Lakes can seem like the Land of 10,000 Liabilities. Think of the thousands of kids who eat General Mills cereals, for example. What happens if a child chokes? What if a distributor tampered with a box? What if the product information was not carefully edited? You need business insurance for these scenarios. You never know how many ways customers might blame you for injury until they actually happen. That’s where a general liability policy comes in. Cover your business against a broad range of lawsuits, but also search for Minnesota business insurance quotes that increase your coverage in areas that particularly apply to your business.

Minnesota Property Protection

If your business includes a lot of expensive assets, the cost of a business policy to protect them might make you want to bury your head in a hole like.well, a gopher. But don’t fret. Instead, look for ways to save. According to, the safest cities in the Gopher State are Bruno, Floodwood, and McGregor. Insurers might use such statistics to determine Minnesota business insurance quotes, since a standard property policy will protect the place of business and a percentage of the business possessions against theft and vandalism. If your business operates in a higher-crime area, let insurers know that you’ve installed a state-of-the-art burglary alarm system. To get great property coverage at a price that makes sense, determine your risks and how you can decrease them. This is always a good place to begin.

The Final Analysis

But the beginning is just that. The best place to end is a comprehensive online search of Minnesota business insurance quotes. If you compare enough, your chances of finding the best value on business insurance increase greatly. Turn to, which can perform a free comparison in minutes. Then those 10,000 risks will look pretty manageable.

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