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Collecting and Polishing Stellar Sterling Heights Insurance Quotes

Whether you run a flea market at Freedom Hill Park or operate a big rig that regularly crisscrosses roads like M-59 and the Van Dyke Expressway, you’ve developed serious insurance-related concerns. Perhaps you recently lost your job at an automotive plant. Or maybe you plan to open a business near Lakeside Mall, and you need to prevent exposure and keep your limited budget tight. Unfortunately, hunting for Sterling Heights insurance quotes can frustrate even the most persistent and educated policy shoppers. There is so much information out there. No doubt you probably feel like a child lost at Dodge Park on a crowded day — confused, scared, and unsure which way to turn.

This article can help you straighten up and fly right. It will offer up critical statistics and cost saving tips to help optimize your Sterling Heights insurance shopping, so you can get back to doing more fun things, like daydreaming about all the delicious homemade kielbasa you will be consuming at this year’s American Polish Festival.

Statistics on Auto and Health to Inform Your Sterling Heights Insurance Quotes
Auto Insurance — Michigan may be the beating heart of America’s auto industry, but state drivers pay an awful lot for their insurance, at least according to 2007 statistics compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Whereas the average US driver that year paid $795 for their premiums, the average Michigander paid $928 — ranking the state as the 11th worst in the country. A closer look at the statistics reveals more grim numbers: Michiganders paid $395 for collision, $507 for liability, and $154 for comprehensive. 17% of Michigan drivers lacked insurance in 2007, per the Insurance Research Council. That’s nearly one out of every five people on MI roads. To that end, consider tacking on underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage in addition to the coverage you have to have (as of February 2010): Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability of 20/40/10 along with Personal Injury Protection (PIP). To yank those sky high rates back to earth, investigate so-called multi-line discounts (insuring your auto and home through the same carrier, e.g.). Savings can be substantial — 30% or more.

Health Insurance — The frigid Detroit winters and long dark days and nights can tax even the healthiest Michigander. If you are chronically unhealthy or sad, you’ll be likely to encounter more problems with your health insurance. To that end, work with your physician to get on a good preventative care regimen. Eat less sugar (especially less high-fructose corn syrup), get enough sleep, and counteract the potentially depressing effect of the deep winter weather by getting sun exposure and finding time and space in your life to relax.

Collecting and Comparing Sterling Heights Insurance Quotes
Gathering Sterling Heights insurance quotes can be a challenge in and of itself, if you don’t know where to look. You could easily find yourself wasting a full day flitting from insurer website to insurer website, filling out redundant quote forms and awkwardly trying to cross compare options. Save yourself the hassle and use NetQuote to source quality quotes pooled from the nation’s top insurers. Our service is fast, free to use, and simple. Many of our visitors have saved literally hundreds of dollars on their premiums. (NOTE: be sure to tailor your hunt for the best Sterling Heights insurance policy by speaking with a live agent and looking carefully for potential discount opportunities.)

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