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Michigan Small Business Insurance

The Great Lakes State is known for its automobile industry. Despite the economic downturn that accompanies the end of George Bush’s presidency and the beginning of Barack Obama’s, General Motors and Ford still ranked among the top 10 Fortune companies in the U.S. for 2009. In order to avoid sudden troubles, these companies-and any responsible business in the state-need business insurance that protects their property and against liability. Michigan business insurance is where to turn. You don’t have to have the scale of these automotive giants to find affordable Michigan business insurance quotes. All you need is the ability to perform an online search.

Coverage for All Business Types in Michigan

Business owners have a enough to worry about which is why netQuote offers business owners coverage to meet all their business needs.

  • General Liabilty Insurance (GL)
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability and Malpractice (E&O and D&O)
  • Commercial Crime
  • Employess Benefits which includes Life and Health

Defending Your Assets

For a huge automobile manufacturer, there are a lot of assets to protect: the massive production buildings, the conveyors and other equipment, the corporate offices, and more. As for any business owner, you want a basic policy that at least covers all of your assets against fires, extreme weather, vandalism, and other things that commonly harm businesses. As with home insurance, you can save on Michigan business insurance quotes by taking safety precautions: sprinkler systems and readily available fire extinguishers; an updated burglary alarm system. And by not filing claims, your profile as a business owner improves. You may even find it beneficial to search anew for Michigan business insurance quotes.

Soft Drinks and Liability Insurance

Of course, automobiles aren’t the only Michigan-or even Detroit-export. All the way back in 1907, the Motor City began making Faygo. A widely circulated soft drink is a perfect place to take a look at how liability can work. Let’s say that a Faygo lover takes a factory tour and gets injured. Or a Faygo drinker in Wisconsin gets ill after swigging a can. Or another drinker, in Florida, claims that Faygo’s advertisements led her to believe the soft drink offered health benefits it do not in fact offer. In a liability situation, you need to understand how your products and business practices might affect someone, and how that someone might claim an injury. With a little effort, you can find reasonable Michigan business insurance quotes that guard against most or all liability-even court costs for the Florida woman’s far-fetched claim.

Insuring Your Company Vehicles

Domino’s Pizza and Little Caesars were both founded in the Great Lakes State. That could mean a lot of drivers under the age of 25 making deliveries around the state. For insurers, this age bracket is usually high-risk, which results in higher Michigan business insurance quotes for company delivery drivers. However, the costs of a single accident are likely to exceed annual premiums. Insuring vehicles used for business is important. If you believe the costs of your business insurance are too high, try packaging automobile insurance with a general liability policy and/or a property policy. You’re almost guaranteed to save money.

Shopping for Michigan Business Insurance Coverage

  • Gather your claims history
  • Review current coverages to insure your properly insured
  • Update your coverage as your business changes
  • Compare mulitple business insurance quotes
  • Ask your agent for discounts i.e. bundle insurance policies
  • Consider higher deductibles

The Big Blue

You are, in fact, guaranteed to save money on your business insurance policy by comparing as many quotes as possible. It’s a free glimpse at competition, and by matching Michigan business insurance quotes against each other, you’ll find the best deal. And it’s incredibly easy of you use a service like to compare for you. This will make your business defense in the Wolverine State worthy of the Big Blue itself.

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