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The Scoop on Lansing Insurance Quotes

Lansing, Michigan residents have a lot to be proud of, from beautiful green scenery, abundant lakes, and close proximity to Detroit and all it has to offer. It’s also home to Big Ten school Michigan State University and thousands of die-hard fans.

However, Lansing is also home to some of the highest crime rates in the country, with a crime rate index of nearly double the national average, according to recent data. As a general rule, this does not bode well with your Lansing insurance companies. Insurance costs are influenced by risk factors, so high rates of burglaries, auto thefts, and other types of crime tend to drive up premiums. The good news is you can still keep your Lansing insurance quotes down and make your home and car safer by taking a number of protective measures.

Saving on Auto Insurance

When shopping around for Lansing insurance quotes for your automobile, a few factors that can lower your insurance include:

  • Where you park your car. If you can park your car in a garage or carport as opposed to parking it on the street where it is more susceptible to accidents and theft, you can save money on your annual rate.
  • Anti-theft devices. Many automobiles are equipped with alarms that will scare away intruders. Some cars have more advanced systems, including tracking devices if your car is stolen or fingerprint recognition required to start the car. This type of device will also lower your risk, and your premiums.
  • Your driving record. The fastest way to send your rates sky-high is to get any kind of moving vehicle violation; or, in other words, a ticket. So stay within Peoria’s specified speed limits, avoid rolling stops, and follow road rules to keep your costs low.

Saving on Home Insurance

If you own a home, home insurance is required; if you rent, renter’s insurance is advisable. Consider installing the following devices to safeguard your home and your wallet by taking advantage of discounts for security measures.

  • Burglar alarms. A burglar alarm or security system is a great way to lower your insurance. This is particularly true if the monitoring company automatically dispatches police if you are not there to turn off the alarm.
  • Locks. Deadbolt locks are harder to pick and break into, so insurance companies frequently discount their policies if your home is equipped with this type of lock.
  • Barriers. Bars on your windows or doors or security gates also decrease your likelihood of being broken into, and with that, decrease your premiums as well.

Finding the Best Lansing Insurance Quotes

A key way to save on your insurance, whether it’s auto, home, or any other kind, is to shop around for the best rates by finding and then comparing your Lansing insurance quotes. is a great source for this. With this free site, you can research insurance requirements, find Lansing insurance companies, and then receive instant quotes on your insurance, all from the convenience of your home.

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