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Compare Dearborn Insurance Quotes for the Best Deals

Fords may be the vehicles of choice in Dearborn, Michigan, since the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company are located there. But even Dearborn residents who are die-hard Ford fans usually do some comparison shopping and check out other car models when it comes time to buy a vehicle. Savvy buyers also look around for the best deals on Dearborn insurance quotes for their automobiles and for their homes. They understand that the only way to make sure they’re getting the best coverages and the most competitive premiums is to know what several different insurers are offering in policies and in premiums.

Determining Dearborn Insurance Quotes

A 2008 survey of insurance rates by the Michigan Department of Insurance showed that a homeowner who had a $100,000 H0-3 policy, which covers a home against all perils not specifically mentioned, could expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $4,900! While shopping around for Dearborn insurance quotes could save you significant money, but remember as you compare rates to make sure that the coverages the companies are offering is similar. You should also check out an insurer’s financial stability and reputation.

The premium you’ll pay for your Dearborn insurance for your home varies according to your home’s age, type of construction, and proximity to a fire station and fire hydrant. If you’re looking to reduce your costs, ask the insurance company you’re considering about discounts. A 2008 survey by the Michigan Department of Insurance showed that some insurance companies gave anywhere from 2 – 50 percent discounts if your home has safety features such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, deadbolt locks and/or a central alarm system. Some companies offer discounts of up to 30 percent on policies for older homes that have been updated with more modern wiring, plumbing or electrical systems. You may qualify for a discount on a homeowner’s policy of up to 40 percent if you are age 55 or older, or if you have both an automobile policy and a homeowner’s policy with the same company.

When it comes to covering your vehicle, Michigan requires owners to carry no-fault insurance, which includes coverage for personal injury protection, property protection insurance and bodily injury/property damage liability. You also have the option of purchasing additional coverage: collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and uninsured motorists’ coverage.

The insurance quotes you receive on your vehicle will depend on your age, gender and marital status; the year, make and model of the vehicle you own; the number of miles you travel each year; and your driving record.

You could be eligible for reduced premiums on your Dearborn insurance for your vehicle if you have anti-theft devices, side air bags or anti-lock brakes, if you insure more than one vehicle with the company. Young drivers who are good students can also qualify you for a premium discount.

For both homeowner’s and vehicle insurance policies, one of the easiest ways to reduce your premiums is to increase your policy deductibles to $1,000 or more. That can bring significant savings.

The Easy Way to Find Dearborn Insurance Quotes

In the past, Dearborn residents looking for a good deal on a Ford or any other car used to have to drive around from showroom to showroom and talk to many different salespeople to compare prices. Now the process is easier, since much of that information can be found online. That’s the case with insurance quotes as well. Simply go online to, fill out a single form, and you’ll get at least five quotes from the leading insurers in the Dearborn area. No need to visit multiple agents or fill out multiple forms. NetQuote makes the process of comparison shopping for your insurance fast and simple.

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