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A Staunch Defense: Baltimore Insurance

Once the site of the battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Baltimore is quintessentially American in many ways. Baltimore insurance, however, is quite unique. The Monumental City knows a thing or two more than the rest of us about longevity, for one. Cal Ripken played an astounding 2,632 consecutive games over 17 seasons. If you want to start a similar streak of home protection, or complete safety on the road, it’s time to start checking the latest Baltimore insurance quotes.

Insuring Your Home

Whether you live in Woodberry or Carrollton Ridge, you need to take the time to understand some home insurance basics so you can compare Baltimore insurance quotes. The average premium in Baltimore is now about $595 a year. The average home value is around $85,000. Two points here: One, rates change all the time; to search effectively, know that these numbers aren’t static, which is partly why it pays to compare Maryland home insurance. Two, even if you think you’ve got a grasp on what you should pay in terms of premium dollars per home value, keep in mind that average prices are for average coverage. The average annual snowfall is just over 20 inches, but what happens if you experience another winter like 2009-10, which saw over 80 inches? In that case, you may want to peruse Baltimore insurance quotes for a Maryland HO-3 home insurance policy, which protects your dwelling against perils like the weight of ice and snow.

Precautions Save Money

An afternoon at Camden Yards is a great way to enjoy the spring and summer weather, and fresh crabs from Chesapeake Bay are always a treat. But not everything is so sunny, even at home. For one, Baltimore consistently has one of the highest burglary and theft rates in the country. How do you figure this into your Baltimore insurance quotes? Beat insurers to the punch. If you install window locks, deadbolt locks, and an anti-theft alarm, you can lower a $750 premium to about $675. Also think about equipping your home with adequate fire defenses. Sure, the Great Baltimore Fire that decimated the city was more than a century ago, but your distance from the fire department still influences your premium, and the right updates to your home can subtract another $115 or so from a $750 premium.

Maryland Insurance Laws

The only home insurance requirements you’ll find will come from your lending agency. Car insurance, however, is required for every driver in the Old Line State. Maryland auto insurance state law demands more than many states; every driver must purchase bodily injury liability coverage of $20,000 per injured person and $40,000 per accident; property damage liability coverage of $15,000; bodily injury liability coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists of $20,000/$40,000; and uninsured motorist property damage coverage of $15,000. For your Baltimore insurance quotes, you’ll also need to add personal injury protection coverage for “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses for you and your passengers; Maryland requires minimum coverage of $2,500.

Some Points on Car Insurance

In 2009, the average Baltimore resident paid about $500 more a year for a car insurance premium than the national average, which may make you want to consider taking advantage of the city’s bus network, light rail, or subway lines. But remember, you don’t have to be average. A 30-year-old man who drives a 2000 Honda Civic to work daily-and rents his home, and has fair credit-will pay around $1,178 to get the minimum required coverage. But if he adds anti-lock brakes and a security device, he may save $100 or more. You can also get better rates when your circumstances change for the better. Your profession and education level, for example, influence your Baltimore insurance quotes. If you change from a medical student to a doctor at John’s Hopkins, you’ll likely benefit from looking for better Maryland insurance quotes. When you do look, a free service like will make the search easier by allowing you to enter your information one time for all the quotes. Then you can be like The Iron Man himself: safe at home and on the road.

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