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Maine Business Insurance: A Haven in the Business Forest

The location of the Pine Tree State complements its beauty. The isolation from much of the country seems to suit its unique scenery. You may want to remember, however, that beauty is only on the surface. That spectacular coastline is also very jagged. Business owners should operate in a similar way. If you’re successful, it may be tempting to avoid taking a look at Maine business insurance quotes. But unforeseen damages can surface at any time. Maine business insurance is your assurance that you’ll be prepared.

Liability Factors in Maine Business Insurance

To find the right liability policy for your business, you need to understand the risks inherent in your work. The Pine Tree State is a popular destination for sport hunters. If your business is guiding these visitors, you’ll likely have them sign some waivers to offset the obvious dangers of guns. But still, you’ll need Maine business insurance to guard against claims of unsafe business practices. You also need to know how many people will encounter your products, which will influence your Maine business insurance quotes. As the country’s leading exporter of blueberries and toothpicks, Maine businesses in these sectors reach millions of people. Do you have a policy in place to cover legal costs for a customer who claims pesticides used in blueberry growth caused him some injury? What about a product liability policy for toothpicks that splinter easily? Start with a general liability policy, and then look into more detailed coverage.

Your Maine Business Assets

Protecting your property goes beyond a manufacturing plant, barn, or office. A lobster fisherman, for example, will want Maine business insurance for his boat, traps, storage facilities, etc. How do you determine the correct Maine business insurance quotes for such things? For one, the total value of the assets you insure controls costs. A smaller fishing operation may not have the capital to replace damaged equipment. But a large commercial fisherman may be able to replace a few traps; if he chooses not to insure those, he can save money. Safety matters, too. If you’re able to avoid damage and thus avoid filing claims, your costs will fall in the long run.

Maine Workers’ Compensation

It can get slippery on a boat, particularly in the rain. If your employee slips and gets hurt, how do you know you won’t face an expensive lawsuit for medical expenses and lost wages? The answer is workers’ compensation, a necessary part of Maine business insurance. It’s also the law if you have employees, and the Maine Workers’ Compensation Board will make sure you comply. There are exceptions related to agricultural labor-six or fewer employees, or total employee work hours not exceeding 240 per week-but in general, you’ll need to include workers’ compensation as part of your search for Maine business insurance quotes.

Search Effectively

If you truly want to find the most affordable Maine business insurance that still covers your assets and liability risks, the best way to do so is an online search. By utilizing a service like, you’ll find multiple offers quickly and efficiently. The service is also free, and there’s no obligation to buy a policy. Comparison shopping is a sure way to uncover the best deal. You may also find you can save by combining policies into a single umbrella policy. Even in a forest as beautiful as the ones in the Pine Tree State, it’s nice to occasionally find the light.

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