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Safe at Port: Louisiana Home Insurance

Life on the Mississippi isn’t always quite as peaceful as Tom Sawyer or others might have you believe. Residents of the Bayou State know that violent storms can develop from late spring to early fall, and Louisiana home insurance quotes have skyrocketed as a result. This can make the prospect of buying new home insurance intimidating. Don’t worry. Instead, show a pinch of that Cajun spirit and do a thorough search of the companies offering Louisiana insurance quotes. There are always methods to save money.


Security Begins at Home

If potential insurers believe you’ve taken measures to make your home safer, they’ll respond with lower Louisiana home insurance quotes. Take anti-theft devices, for example. The average annual premium in the Pelican State is now about $1,317. By switching to deadbolt locks and adding a burglar alarm, you can lower the cost to $1,186. In higher-crime area, you may find even more savings. The distance your home is from the nearest fire department also matters, but if you install smoke alarms and buy fire extinguishers, you might save $200 a year.

Which Is the Spice of Insurance?

The Louisiana home insurance quotes you find depend on the level of protection you believe you need. Take the time to review the different home policies. The most basic policy, known as the HO-2, covers weather -related damages, theft and vandalism, and some other common perils. But if someone has an accident on your property, you may want the HO-3 policy, which provided coverage for bodily injury liability for your home and property-and also covers lawsuits related to the accident. You may decide this extra security is worth higher Louisiana home insurance quotes. Louisiana doesn’t have a state law requiring home insurance, but most lenders will require you to purchase a policy. Once you decide the level of protection you want, you can weigh the factors that might save you money.

Grappling With Katrina

Ever since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana home insurance quotes have risen dramatically. This isn’t news to many. Long-time residents remember Betsy and Camille, while even youngsters remember Andrew. Check your policy to see the amount of coverage for wind damage. Then, carefully determine the value of all your possessions. Usually, the coverage for them will be 50% of the coverage on your dwelling, so an insurance policy on your property for $100,000 will provide $50,000 of coverage for your possessions.

Even if you live further inland from the Gulf of Mexico, keep in mind the floods that can result from hurricane rains. Flood coverage falls under federal (FEMA) protection, and will not be included in a basic home insurance policy. Just a few inches can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Many residents have found out the hard way that they weren’t adequately covered for hurricane or flood damage.

More Savings

You can always take matters one step further. If you’re disappointed with the Louisiana home insurance quotes you find, make your home more dependable. Add storm shutters. Update your roof and wiring. Or, consider raising your deductible. If you think you can afford a $1,000 deductible rather than $500, you may see hundreds of dollars fall off the annual premium. Gather all the information, then start comparing homeowners insurance quotes. A free service like makes it easy to see all the offers out there. And that ensures calm waters back at port.

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