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Put More in Your Pocketbook: Baton Rouge Insurance Quotes

The subject of Baton Rouge, Louisiana insurance can be a touchy one seeing as Louisianans pay a pretty penny for coverage. In 2007 Louisianans paid an average of $1,096 for auto insurance and $1,400 for homeowners insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). However, to drive legally you’re required by law to purchase auto insurance, and mortgage brokers demand clients carry homeowners insurance. But all is not lost; there are ways to find savings on your Baton Rouge insurance quotes.

Shave and Save: Auto Insurance
Drivers in The Bayou State are required by law to purchase liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $15,000 for bodily injury per person per accident up to a total of $30,000, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. If you have a car loan, your lending institution likely requires collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Still, most auto insurance providers offer discounts. If you have a clean driving record and good credit, you’re already on your way to savings. The kind of car you drive, where you drive and you’re average annual mileage can affect your rate. So, if you and your sports car have an hour-long adventure five days per week on the way to the office, you’re likely to garner costlier Baton Rouge insurance quotes. But utilizing public transportation can relieve you of the frustrating task of fighting rush-hour traffic, and it can also save you some cash on gas, car maintenance and auto insurance. Cars with warning and tracking devices procure savings, and those who complete a driver’s safety course gain discounts as well. Be sure to inquire about additional discounts when you’re shopping for Baton Rouge insurance quotes.

Assess Your Situation: Homeowners Insurance
Insurance providers love knowing their investment is being protected. Therefore, if your home is equipped with a home security system, storm shutters and/or impact-resistant windows, be sure your insurance agent is privy to that information as you’re eligible for discounts. Most insurers mark down premiums for senior citizens and for those whose homes are close to a fire hydrant or fire station. Combine your homeowners and auto insurance policies with the same provider and you’ll earn additional discounts on your Baton Rouge insurance quotes.

A Red Stick Resource
Experts agree that the best way to save money on insurance is to comparison shop. Locating Baton Rouge insurance providers and gathering quotes is not a difficult task, but it can take a ton of time. That’s why NetQuote is an ideal means for quick results. Share some of your basic information with us on and we’ll match you with several companies that fit your criteria. Our professional service is fast, efficient and free!

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