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A Danger-Free Derby: Louisville Insurance

Just try to teach someone from outside Bluegrass State how to pronounce Louisville the right way. “It comes from far back in the mouth,” you’d probably say, “in the top of the throat.” They might pull off the silent “s,” but there’s a good chance they’ll add an extra syllable in the middle. Another area in which you don’t want anything extraneous is Louisville insurance quotes. You need great coverage for your home, and on the road, but you don’t want to spend too much money to get it. Louisville insurance is far from a luxury, however; in the Gateway to the South, the right policies are your gateway to peace of mind.

Derby City Car Insurance

The spirit of the Kentucky Derby soars citywide. It’s a need for speed you can even see in Rick Pitino’s full-court press. Just don’t let the fever take hold while you’re on the road. There are two reasons. One, Kentucky law requires a minimum amount of coverage-with a unique twist. Every driver must purchase $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person for an accident, plus a limit of $50,000 per accident, as well as $10,000 property damage liability. But interestingly, there’s a variable to figure into your Louisville insurance quotes. Kentucky is a Choice No-Fault state, which means a driver can reject the no-fault system and sue under the laws of the tort system. But if you accept no-fault, you must also have a personal injury protection policy of at least $10,000. Skip the minimums and you’ll be subject to big fines and loss of license and registration.

Local Roulette

The second reason to keep your cool behind the wheel is the effect on your Louisville insurance quotes. For a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 28-year-old man who drives about 10 miles to work daily would pay approximately $1,640 to meet the Kentucky auto insurance requirements. He may not think a minor speeding violation will come back to haunt him, but if he shops for Louisville insurance quotes after receiving a speeding ticket six months ago from driving 13 mph over the speed limit, he’ll pay about $210 more per year. A more serious violation-reckless driving, DUI-might hurt him even more.

Responsibility Pays

In the same fashion, you need to be responsible to find the best Kentucky home insurance premiums. A few pointers: maintain the best credit history you can; even if you don’t own a historical home in Old Louisville, insurers still want to know you’re able to pay. Don’t make small claims. Your claims history will influence future Louisville insurance quotes. As a complementary note, decide how much you can pay for a deductible. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. That’s why insurers care about your job, your education level, etc. They see these as indicators of your ability to pay your premium and your deductible-which makes you a safer bet.

The Triple Crown

You’ll want to purchase dwelling coverage at or above 80% of your home’s value. In the ‘Ville, start by multiplying your square footage by the average price per square foot, which is currently about $85. To save money, you might want the Triple Crown: home, car, and life insurance policies under the same umbrella. A packaged policy can save you 20%, 30%, or more. It depends on how many Louisville insurance quotes you compare, which means you’ll benefit from using a cost-free service like to compare Kentucky insurance quotes for you. This is one time that being fastest isn’t as good as being lowest.

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