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How to Find an Affordable Kentucky Health Insurance Quote

It’s tough out there. Many Kentucky residents and families have lost their job and are struggling to find affordable health insurance for the first time in their lives. Other families have struggled to make ends meet for years and losing their health insurance coverage feels like the last straw that breaks before they “slip through the cracks” altogether. At the same time, Kentucky employers are also struggling to continue their employee health benefits while remaining profitable. No matter your situation, check out these state health insurance resources and NetQuote’s superior access to low-cost health insurance quotes before you give up and go without health coverage.


Kentucky Health Insurance Assistance

In addition to seeking out quotes from private health insurers, you need to be aware of public assistance programs offered to help those individuals and families who are struggling the most. Like many states, Kentucky has established a high-risk insurance pool –Kentucky Access –to provide coverage for individuals with a medical history that prevents them from obtaining affordable coverage on the individual market. In fact, if you meet any one of these six criteria, you’re eligible to join this state-run health insurance program. And despite the public nature of this program, it’s not one-size-fits-all. You can choose amongst traditional, preferred, and premium access with various deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pay amounts.

If, on the other hand, you can’t afford health insurance, you have few options beyond Medicaid. You may qualify for Medicaid assistance and not realize it, and if you have children, they may be one of the estimated 67,000 children in the state who are eligible –but not yet enrolled –in Medicaid or the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program. Before you despair, however, you should also know that Kentucky health insurance is not as expensive as you may fear. For reasonably healthy adults, a high-deductible health plan may protect you from the potential financial calamity of major medical costs without completely decimating your monthly budget. Meanwhile, federal health care reform has expanded access to Medicaid, while also creating subsidies that may make the cost of health insurance on the individual market more affordable. To see how health care reform stands to affect Kentucky, use this governmental resource.

Who Needs a Kentucky Health Insurance Quote?

Along with the roughly 15% of state residents who have been without health insurance, recently employed workers who have fallen victim to one of the roughest recessions and job markets in U.S. history often need a Kentucky health insurance quote. COBRA premiums can make the continuation of existing health coverage impractical, especially if the federal government doesn’t reinstate subsidies that provide for 65% of these premium costs. Worse, if your employer went out-of-business, you may not qualify for COBRA at all. Workers who have found sources of income on the Internet and other self-employment opportunities as part of new economic realities must exhaustively search for health insurance quotes on the individual market for affordable rates.

Of course, it’s not just workers and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Many business owners must also get new group health insurance quotes when it comes time to renew their policy. Saving money on health insurance premiums can help you avoid future layoffs in the next fiscal year, particularly if the economy and company revenues don’t rebound. Alternately, new small business tax credits may allow you to offer health insurance coverage to your employees for the first time ever. Beyond employee morale, offering this benefit can allow your firm to start competing for top-level talent that, in the past, has been poached by larger firms.

Find a Local Kentucky Health Insurance Quote

How you find a Kentucky health insurance quote is critical to obtaining the best possible coverage for you and your loved ones. Today, the best way to shop for insurance is online. Online referral services, like the one at NetQuote, reduce marketing costs which are, then, passed on to the consumer. How do we know they pass these savings on to the consumer? They have to in order to stay competitive. When you make a request for Kentucky health insurance quotes, you will be contacted by multiple insurers, all of whom know they’re competing directly with other insurance companies for your business. Better yet, you can quickly and reliably comparison-shop from the comfort of your own home. There are fewer opportunities to try to strong-arm you with high-pressure sales tactics.

Essentially, netQuote gives consumers access to the information and environment they need to once again create a free marketplace with a level-playing field in which the insurance companies that offer the most reliable coverage for the best price have the competitive advantage. But our service only works if you use it. Fortunately, it takes only a minute to make a free online request and let us show you how our service works.

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