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What You Need to Know about Kentucky Insurance Quotes

Getting Kentucky insurance quotes is usually a hassle for even the most responsible worry warts among us. It’s critical to get insurance and to know what this insurance covers, whether it’s legally mandated by the state such as Kentucky car insurance or just for peace of mind as in the case of Kentucky homeowners insurance or Kentucky life insurance and Kentucky business insurance. Whatever your insurance needs, here’s what you need to know about finding insurance in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Common Types of Kentucky Insurance Quotes

  • Kentucky Auto Insurance: Kentucky ranks just below the national average for annual car insurance premiums ($720 vs. $795) for 2007, the last year for which information is available. Kentucky’s status an optional no fault state allows residents greater latitude for how much their car insurance will cost but also the degree to which they can be sued and can sue others in the event of an automobile collision.
  • Kentucky Homeowners Insurance: At $744 a year, Kentucky homeowners insurance is a touch more expensive than the national average ($696). Of course, it’s nowhere near Louisiana’s rate of $1,389 or Idaho’s $369. For the most part, Kentucky homeowners insurance is based solely on the value of the property with one notable exception…flooding. If you live in a flood zone, you may need to pay more for this protection, but it’s worth it: The Ohio River and its many tributaries are, perhaps, the biggest threats to Kentucky homes.
  • Kentucky Healthcare Insurance: Kentucky spends more per capita on healthcare than the national average, due to a larger elderly population. Yet, individuals and families pay less, on average, for their healthcare insurance because employers pick up more of the tab and because more residents are dependent on Medicare and Medicaid than the national average. Thus, you’re probably in better shape than most if you have employer-sponsored insurance or if you’re eligible for public assistance, but residents seeking individual healthcare insurance are likely to feel even more of the burden.

Making Kentucky Insurance Policies Work Better for You

What many people fail to realize is that one Kentucky insurance policy is able to directly impact other insurance policies, especially in a state like Kentucky. Kentucky’s brand of choice no fault car insurance requires that policyholders carry personal injury protection (PIP). These PIP benefits mostly cover medical expenses and lost wages incurred as the result of an automobile accident. If, however, you already have excellent health insurance benefits, you will only need to carry minimal PIP insurance, thus reducing your car insurance premiums.

Along with this tidbit specific to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you should for more standard ways in which you can benefit from insurance policies that work together. Many insurance companies, for example, give discounts to customers who have multiple policies with their company. If you already have car insurance, you might be able to add a basic renter’s insurance policy for an absurdly low annual premium.

Kentucky Insurance Quotes

Trying to find reliable, competitive Kentucky insurance is an overwhelming proposition without some form of customer assistance. That’s what NetQuote is here for. We take this customer assistance to a new level. All you need to do is find the kind of insurance you’re looking for, give us your zip code, and fill out a brief form. Then, we will do the hard work by finding the cheapest quotes for the insurance providers in your area. This process will also allow you to find reliable Kentucky insurance quotes without the pressure of an insurance agent cajoling you to buy a premium on the spot.

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