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Overland Park Insurance Quotes Over and Beyond Your Expectations

From Metcalf South Shopping Center to the Farmers’ Market Pavilion, the town of Overland Park offers a seemingly endless banquet of options for residents and visitors. But what can citizens of Kansas‘ second most populous city expect in terms of insurance options? More importantly, how can you shop policies without spending hours online and filling out questionnaire after questionnaire? Obviously, you would much rather spend the day at the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens than parsing Overland Park insurance options. But, as any high-up Sprint Nextel executive will tell you, there is no point in putting off the hard work. So, let’s delve into some statistics and figures about Overland Park insurance.

Auto Insurance –for Driving to Sprint Headquarters

Sprint’s world headquarters occupies a sizable chunk of Overland Park (240+ acres). But, believe it or not, even Sprint employees drive to more places than just work. To drive legally in Kansas, you need insurance. Kansas law requires you to purchase both bodily injury and property damage coverage as well as uninsured motorist (UM) coverage and personal injury protection (PIP). That’s a lot of insurance. For a bodily injury liability, you need $50,000 (per accident) and $25,000 (per person). You also need $10,000 for property damage. Kansas has a relatively low average auto insurance expenditure of $568 per annum. This breaks down further: to $295 for liability, $226 for collision, and $192 for comprehensive, according to 2007 figures compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Compare this to the average for the U.S. of $795 per year, and you see yet another reason why so many people have been flocking to places like Overland Park to live. (Money Magazine recently ranked Overland Park in the top 10 of the best cities to live in the U.S.).

Overland Park Insurance Quotes (in Case Your Home Blows Away)

It is true that tornadoes occasionally rip through the Kansas-Missouri border area. Wind and weather damage cost Kansas insurers a pretty penny. The average homeowner premium for the state is $904 –much higher than the average U.S. rate of $822. In 2008 alone, the city estimates that over $170 million was spent on single family residential construction. Commercial and industrial construction topped $216 million. New homes are relatively inexpensive by national standards –averaging out at around $248,000, according to the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office in 2009. When you calculate your homeowners insurance budget, don’t just look at premiums. Consider the overall amount of money you will pay for your home, including property tax, money for your security system, and condominium fees, for instance.

Use NetQuote for Overland Park Insurance Rates

Overland Park did not get to become the headquarters for companies like Applebees, YRC Worldwide, and Sprint Nextel by accident. The towns’ planners and businesses invested heavily in strategic thinking. When shopping for auto, life, homeowners, and other kinds of insurance policies, you will do well to emulate this business-minded approach. NetQuote provides you with free Overland Park insurance quotes from several insurance companies. Instead of filling out separate questionnaires for each insurer, you fill out one questionnaire and get multiple quotes. This saves you time and lets you compare companies and quotes head-to-head in an easy and understandable format.

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