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More Than Okay Olathe Insurance Quotes

Let’s face it: the once small, sleepy town of Olathe has become a boom town. The US Census Bureau in 2008 ranked this burgeoning metropolis as the 24th fastest growing urban area in the US, and the city found itself near the top of the “100 best cities to live in the United States” lists of both Money Magazine and CNN/Money. Despite its new cosmopolitan sheen, however, Olathe can be a hazardous place to live and do business. You need solid Olathe insurance quotes to protect yourself financially from calamity. Fortunately, you need not be a valedictorian at Nazarene University to calculate how to improve your Olathe insurance policies.

Whether you drive a truck regularly down I-35 on your delivery route or parent triplets in the Blue Valley School District, this article can introduce you to some key tactics, tricks, and traps to avoid when exploring Olathe insurance quotes.

A Closer Look at Home and Auto
Homeowners insurance — In Kansas, in 2007, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average homeowner paid $904 for HO-3 policies (the most common package), ranking the state as the 13th worst in the nation for homeowners rates. (For comparison: the average US homeowner paid just $822.) Clearly, Kansas’s relatively crazy weather can be partially to blame. Everyone in the country knows the apocryphal story of Dorothy and her dog Toto being scooped up by the mongo twister and taken to Oz. In reality, Kansas homeowners must deal with much more than tornadoes — they also have to contend with flash floods, lightning strikes, frigid winter weather, and the occasional drought.

To protect yourself against sky-high Olathe insurance costs, try these three tips: raise your deductible; strive to get a multi-line discount by using the same carrier to write your homeowners and auto policy; and avoid adding what insurers might deem to be “nuisances” to your property (e.g. a dangerous breed of dog like a Rottweiler or Pitbull, or a trampoline).

Auto insurance — In 2007, the NAIC found that Kansas drivers paid just $568 for auto insurance — well more than $200 less than what the average US driver paid ($795). Moreover, only 10% of state drivers lacked insurance in 2007, according to the Insurance Research Council. So this is good news, especially if you’ve taken it on the chin with respect to your homeowners insurance. But that aside, you need not rest on your laurels with a “half a loaf is better than none” victory stance. You can actually get those auto rates lower. For instance, take a defensive drivers course, pay via electronic funds transfer to save around $6 a month (can really add up if you own a car for four or five years), drive less to qualify for a low mileage discount, and, above all, avoid driving while distracted on your cell phone (or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol) to minimize your chances of getting into a accident or getting a traffic citation.

Whether you need home, auto, or any other kind of Olathe insurance quotes, take time every year (at least) to reassess your policy needs, explore potential discounts left uncovered, and generally reassess your level of risk sensitivity.

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