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Exploring the Open Terrain of Kansas Insurance


The roads seem to go on forever in the Sunflower State, and if you don’t pay close attention to the many factors involved in Kansas insurance quotes, you may find your hard-earned dollars going away, too. Consider the minimum liability standard for auto insurance in Kansas: the 25/50/10, or $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 per accident for property damage. Fail to meet these hard numbers, and you’re most likely looking at a fine, and possibly a suspended license. There’s no minimum requirement for homeowners insurance, but residents commonly find that a basic policy doesn’t cover extensive storm damage –not a pleasant discovery after a tornado whips through. In fact, you’ll want to compare numerous policies, including your business, since many companies don’t cover tornado damage for those living in high-frequency tornado areas –like “tornado alley, ” which runs from north Texas up through Kansas and into Nebraska.

A Modern Guide to the Best Rates

Fortunately, the outlaw days of Wyatt Earp are just a memory. You can rein in the high Kansas insurance quotes, and you don’t have to pick through the tallgrass prairie to find every little scenario that might create a hitch. NetQuote will steer you in the right direction for any insurance question you have.

Car Insurance in Kansas

Just like the cities and towns throughout the breadbasket, you’ll find that auto insurance in Kansas is anything but average. For auto insurance, you’ll find quotes for a 35-year-old male in Wichita run anywhere from $246 to more than $768 for a 6-month premium. But stopping there would be doing you a huge disservice. An adult in Wichita may take public transportation, or even carpool. And that’s just the largest city. A farmer in Holcomb may not drive off property every day, and may have an exemplary driving record. These are just some of the factors to consider for automobile owners checking Kansas insurance quotes.

Home Insurance in Kansas

Kansas home insurance is predictable in one aspect: if you don’t cover all your bases, the unexpected makes a sudden appearance. A basic homeowners policy will include coverage for dwelling, meaning your house, garage, and shed; the contents of your home; the living expenses incurred after your home is damaged; and liability and medical payments for someone injured in your home. But even within these parameters, questions pop up: Have you taken every possession into account? Have you figured in depreciation? And make sure you consider additional coverage for severe weather damage and even federal flood insurance, as many residents do. The higher premium in your Kansas insurance quote will definitely seem worth it when a storm blows through.

Finding the Best Rates for Kansas Insurance

If you’re serious about keeping your Kansas insurance quotes low, you may have to become a little like Amelia Earhart: fly around and see what’s out there. Like the Sunflower State, there’s a lot of terrain to cover. You might want to explore it alone, or you can let a free service like NetQuote handle your comparison shopping. This can be extremely handy when you’re also looking for health and life insurance. Just remember: for auto insurance alone, there are about 160 companies offering personal insurance policies in Kansas. To find the policies that best suit you, you’ll want to examine them all.

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