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Hawk-Eye on the Prize: Wichita Insurance

Fishing in the Hawkeye State is first-rate. And even though reeling in bass, bullhead and bluegill can sometimes be a challenge, it’s not as taxing as trying to find an insurance policy that fits your specific needs with an affordable rate. Understanding Iowa’s insurance requirements can lessen the burden of finding Wichita insurance quotes.

Behind the Wheel

Although Iowa has no state auto insurance requirements, your license will be suspended if you don’t show proof of financial responsibility in the event you are in a car accident. The Financial & Safety Responsibility Act protects those who are not at fault, however if you are deemed responsible you will pay. The most common way to avoid license suspension and high out-of-pocket payment to the other driver is to carry liability insurance. The minimum coverage for a liability insurance policy is $20,000 for bodily injury to one person, $40,000 for bodily injury to more than one person, and $15,000 for property damage.

If you find liability coverage does not cover all of your Wichita insurance needs, you may want to look into purchasing a collision or comprehensive policy. A collision policy will pay for damages to your car in the event you collide into another vehicle or object, and it will pay to replace your car if it is destroyed from the collision. A comprehensive policy will pay for damages like hail, fire, and vandalism. If you’re driving a newer car, chances are your lien holder requires you to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage.

A Life Insurance Lesson

It’s a comforting thought knowing your family will be financially secure after you’re gone. Not knowing how your family will make mortgage payments or how your kids will afford college tuition can be disheartening. To avoid this sense of insecurity, you may want to consider these three types of life insurance: whole life, endowment and term life.

  • Whole life insurance has a fixed premium. You will pay the same amount on your Wichita insurance plan for the rest of your life. It includes a death benefit and cash value.
  • An endowment policy has a fixed expiration. When it expires, the policy holder is paid out in full even if he outlives the contract. The beneficiary is then free to use the cash as he wishes.
  • A term life insurance plan exists for a specified amount of time. This plan carries a death benefit that will only pay out to the beneficiary during the specified time period.

You’ll find life insurance premiums differ when gathering Wichita insurance quotes. If you have a history of major health conditions, have dangerous hobbies or have a high-risk job you’ll feel the heat (without the humidity) when your Wichita insurance quotes come back. Regardless, life insurance is something to consider even if you avoid dangerous habits and are exceptionally healthy.

Itching for Savings

Searching for Wichita insurance quotes on your own can be more annoying than tending to chigger bites on a hot summer day. Cold calling or visiting individual insurance companies takes time away from the things you really enjoy in life. Free services like NetQuote will ease the burden of picking the perfect insurance plans for all your needs just by filling out one application.

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