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A Rebuke to Typical Ways of Sourcing Dubuque Insurance Quotes

Perhaps you and your spouse moved to Iowa after reading puff pieces in praise of Dubuque in magazines like Forbes and Money, and now you need quality HO-3 insurance policies to protect your new home. Alternatively, maybe you operate a small business in the Warehouse District, and you need Dubuque insurance quotes to explore means of covering some new assets and machinery. Unfortunately, the way that most people tackle their Dubuque insurance problems is overly simplistic. In truth, whether you work as a corporate executive for Nordstrom or an entrepreneur in Asbury Plaza; whether you clock hundreds of miles a week on US Highways 20, 61 and Interstate 90; or you walk and bike nearly everywhere — you should stop thinking about insurance as a chore that you can “deal with once.” Instead, start thinking about it as an ongoing task, like brushing your teeth — although hopefully you can get away with reviewing your policies less often than you can get away with not brushing your teeth.

Zooming in on Surprising Auto Insurance Themes
In 2007, Iowa drivers paid just $518 for their auto coverage. This ranked the Buckeye State as the cheapest in the nation for auto — clocking in at nearly $300 less than what the average US driver paid ($795) and less than half as much as what a typical New York driver paid that year. Iowa also had a relatively low rate of uninsured motorists — 12% in 2007, according to the Insurance Research Council. At first blush, this info should raise your spirits, if you are shopping for Dubuque insurance quotes for auto. But regional costs constitute just one dynamic factor that carriers will consider when they provide your rate quotes. Other crucial factors will include your credit score, your accident/citation history, your demographic, the amount of years you have spent driving, the safety rating of your car’s make and model, and even the relative safety of the neighborhood in Dubuque where you garage your vehicle.

All of this is to say that your Dubuque insurance quotes for auto could fluctuate wildly from this $518 mark. The same holds for any kind of insurance you want to get — business, life, dental, homeowners, etc. Moreover, you can further influence your rates (hopefully downwards) by applying tactics such as getting a multicar discount, getting a “lump sum payment” discount (i.e. paying your insurance bills annually as opposed to monthly), paying off more of your car to get a vehicle paid off discount, taking a defensive drivers course, and installing antilock brakes. But again, while these tactical approaches may help in the short-term, they won’t clarify your long-term insurance concerns.

A much more fruitful way to go is to reimagine your insurance search from a more holistic and strategic perspective. You are never going to be “done” insurance shopping as long as you live. But the process need not consume an inordinate amount of your mental and spiritual energy. Be strategic about your time and resources. Get help if you need it — from a qualified Dubuque insurance agent, for instance. Think about your ideal coverage from a “best case scenario” perspective before looking for discounts. Use statistics to identify your most probable risks — as opposed to your emotional judgment, which can often be faulty. Review your coverage annually if not sooner — especially if you make big changes in your life, such as get a new job or sign a mortgage on a new house. And perhaps most fundamentally, shop around for best coverage.

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