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Get up to Speed on Lawrence Insurance

Although the population of Lawrence, Indiana, is just 43,000, the citizens of this northeast suburb of Indianapolis share many things in common with their big city neighbors. Lawrence residents root for the Colts and look forward to the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, they also spend time every workday morning and evening commuting in heavy traffic. Those trips on congested roadways can impact the Indiana insurance quotes that they get for automobile insurance.

When it comes to the cost of Lawrence insurance quotes, however, it’s not all bad news for suburban commuters. The average yearly premium for liability, collision and comprehensive for Indiana motorists is $618, which puts the state way down at 42nd on the list of the states with the most expensive rates. Although drivers looking for good deals on insurance premiums start out in a better position than residents of many other states, the actual premiums they’ll pay for their for Indiana automotive insurance will depend on several factors, including age, sex and driving records.

Putting a Brake on Costs

Driving uninsured in Indiana is illegal and a poor financial choice. Under a law that went into effect in 2010, Indiana drivers who are caught operating a motor vehicle without automobile liability insurance are subject to a minimum 90-day license suspension. To get their license back, they’ll have to show proof of insurance and pay a minimum $150 fine. That fine goes up to $225 and $300 for second and third offenses. Such violations would also increase the cost of their Lawrence insurance quotes.

Although drivers can’t decrease their premiums by changing their age and their sex, they can try to reduce the premiums for Lawrence insurance on their vehicles by staying within the speed limit and driving defensively. Motorists looking for other ways to reduce the cost of their Lawrence insurance quotes should check with insurers to see if they qualify for any premium discounts. Many insurance companies offer reductions for safety features like side air bags and anti-lock brakes. Drivers who insure both car and home with the same company often qualify for a lower premium. Increasing the amount of the policy’s deductibles may also make a dent in insurance costs.

Obtaining Speedy Service

When it comes to finding those discounts and to determining policy costs, many people have found that using an Internet-based service like for Lawrence insurance quotes can save them time. They simply fill out and submit a single form then sit back and receive Lawrence insurance quotes on automotive policies from five leading insurers. Although the process may not move quite as quickly as race cars speed around the Indianapolis track, using NetQuote is a fast and reliable alternative to the old fashioned method of calling every agent in Lawrence for premium quotes.

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