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Knowing Your Options: Kokomo Insurance Quotes

Kokomo is chockfull of city parks and programs. Residents can hike or bike through Wildcat Creek and explore the woodlands and wetlands, or they can walk the lazy river or slip down the waterslides at Kokomo Beach. Your options are limitless. The same goes for your Kokomo insurance quotes. Whether you’re looking to purchase auto insurance, home insurance, health or life insurance you have several Indiana insurance options.

First Things First

Kokomo insurance companies will inform you that state law requires drivers to purchase basic coverage auto insurance with minimum bodily injury liability in the amount of $25,000 per injured person up to $50,000 per accident. Indiana state law also requires drivers to carry property damage liability at a minimum of $10,000. Your Kokomo insurance quotes will be determined based on things like your driving record, age, sex, marital status, and location. Your driving record could be squeaky clean, but in the “City of Firsts” it’s good to prepare yourself for the unexpected because you never know when that initial bad mark will blemish it.

Sufficient Coverage

Your homeowners insurance rates will be determined based on a myriad of information. Here are just a few things that will influence your Kokomo insurance quotes:

  • What possessions occupy the dwelling? Make a home inventory. Grab your camera and snap shots of every area of your home, especially the areas that may have been recently remodeled, and keep a detailed list of any significant items you purchase. These records can help you recover losses if something should happen to your home.
  • How much would it cost to rebuild your home in the event you lose it? Factor in improvements you made to your home, local construction costs, and the other structures on your property.
  • How much liability insurance do you need? Liability insurance will protect you in the event of a lawsuit for bodily injury or property damage caused by you or a family member.

Be sure your policy covers a sufficient amount of money to ensure you are reimbursed enough to rebuild your home in the event your house is destroyed. If you buy $90,000 worth of insurance yet it will cost $100,000 to rebuild it, you will be out of pocket $10,000. You must also take into consideration your living expenses in the aftermath of losing your home, and the age and structure of your home. Keep in mind, most home owners purchase a HO-3 policy which covers the most common of perils, but excludes flood insurance.

Straight from the Bull’s Mouth

If he could speak, Old Ben would tell you to be careful when walking on ice. It was that very element that led to the demise Kokomo’s 6-foot-6-inch celebrity bull. When freezing temperatures come crackling in, tread lightly, especially if you are without health insurance. You won’t be put out of your misery like charming Old Ben, but you’d almost wish you were when the hospital bills come flowing in. Better yet, take a few minutes to see what your Kokomo insurance quotes might look like with a free service like NetQuote. You’ll get quotes from providers who can cut through the bull and provide you with health reassurance.

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