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Making Hay from Naperville Insurance Quotes

You can probably think of half a dozen things you would much rather be doing right now than researching Naperville insurance quotes: people-watching on Main Street Promenade, taste testing at Kraft Foods’ headquarters, racing your Audi on the local public-private auto test track. even getting stuck in traffic on I-55 may seem more palatable than having to parse complicated Naperville insurance information. After all, not only can the quest to find reliable data and about life, health, auto, homeowners, and business coverage seem complicated and technical, but the decisions you make can profoundly impact your personal finances for years. But take a page from Bob Odenkirk — a Naperville hometown hero and co-creator of the 1990’s sketch comedy TV smash hit Mr. Show — and try to roll with the absurdities.

By using the resources here at NetQuote to source 5+ Naperville insurance quotes, you will soon find yourself as relaxed as if you had spent hours strolling the Naperville River Walk. To that end, let’s get cracking and look at some hard statistics to aid in your decision making process.

Stats and Laws to Help You Parse Naperville Insurance Quotes

Are you in the market for auto insurance to cover the car you drive to and from your job at Alcatel-Lucent? If so, know that Illinois residents must carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. According to the laws as of February 2010, you need bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured motorist coverage. Specifically, you need $40,000 for bodily injury per accident, $20,000 for bodily per person, and $15,000 for property damage. The average expenditure for a Chicago area driver for auto insurance in 2007 was just $723, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This was actually much better than the rate for the average US driver — $795. Looking at these numbers even closer, you can see that Illinois drivers paid $402 for liability, $290 for collision, and $130 for comprehensive.

The good news continues. Illinois rates have actually gone down significantly. (From 2003 to 2005, they averaged $750.) But don’t go gleefully speeding down Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway yet: Illinois had the 10th highest percentage of uninsured motorists on the road, at least as of 2007, according the Insurance Research Council. So you have to be careful out there. Illinois homeowners also beat the national average significantly. In 2007, the average premium in the state was just $700. compared with an average US premium of $822.

To calculate your rates, insurers will look at myriad factors, including your credit history, your driving record, the kind of car you drive, your DMV record, and the amount of security you have installed in your home and auto. To that end, you can take significant steps to lower your perceived risk. For instance, invest in security features (such as a car alarm or burglar alarm in your house), opt for a higher deductible on your policy, apply for a low mileage discount, take a defensive drivers course, and eliminate potentially hazardous nuisances from your property. All these little factors can add up to substantial savings.

Shopping Around to Find Superior Naperville Insurance Quotes

You don’t need hometown hero and 2010 Olympic gold medal winner Evan Lysacek to tell you that persistence is important in life. You know that intuitively. But unfortunately many Naperville insurance shoppers give up way too quickly and settle for less than optimal rates. This “Wet Noodle” syndrome has to do less with the fact that shoppers don’t have a backbone and more to do the fact that they get completely overwhelmed by the effort it takes to collect and contrast Naperville insurance quotes.

To that end, NetQuote can come to the rescue. Our service is online and free to all. Simply fill in information on our questionnaire, and we will return five or more quotes from trusted insurers – brand names you’ve heard of. The quotes are easy to compare and contrast, so you can milk the data to find a best fit for your needs – whether you need life, home, auto, or any other coverage.

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