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Twin Falls Insurance Guide

Shopping for Twin Falls insurance doesn’t have to be as daunting as jumping over Snake River Canyon on a motorcycle. You just need to be informed and know where you fit into the Idaho insurance equation. Once informed, buying insurance coverage in Twin Falls will be as easy a driving across the Perrine Bridge. So where should you start?

Let’s say you’re looking for Twin Falls insurance quotes for auto insurance. First, you’ll be comforted to know that Idaho residents pay on average $564 for insurance which puts them cheaper than all but three states. Second, Idaho drivers must carry the following minimum liability coverage:

  • $15,000 for property damage
  • $25,000 for injury or death of one person
  • $50,000 for injury or death for more than one

But when looking at liability coverage consider one important factor: Idaho is a tort state. This means that when you’re in an accident, one party will be found at-fault for the damages to the vehicle, medical bills and possibly the pain and suffering of the other party. This could get expensive. It’s certainly something to consider when deciding what kind of Twin Falls insurance you’ll want.

What Affects Insurance Quotes in Twin Falls?

There are certain factors that may affect the insurance quotes you’ll receive. One is the potential use of your personal credit history by insurance agents. This combined with other factors could be used to determine your premium and what kind of payment plan (prepaid, monthly, etc.) you’ll receive. For example, Ms. Bauer, an employee of Jayco was laid off last year and got behind on her credit cards. This could result in a higher premium than if she had kept the cards current. It would be a good idea to know what’s on your credit report before getting an insurance quote. At least if there are any discrepancies you can try to correct them.

Other factors that may affect Twin Falls Insurance quotes are your age (under 30 and over 75 are in more accidents per miles driven) and gender. Young men are a higher risk and Idaho allows insurers to charge risk-based on these two factors. Driving patterns will affect your rates as well. Say you commute the 55 miles from Twin Falls to Cotterel on Hwy 84–a highway known for its many accidents. You’ll pay more than if you commuted a similar distance on U.S. 93.

The vehicle make and model always affects your premiums. And it’s not always the way you might think. Consider a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. Not exactly new or luxurious, but because it’s one of the most stolen cars in Idaho, the rates will be higher compared to a similarly valued car.

Getting the Best Insurance Policy Possible

Now that you have some idea of what affects Twin Falls insurance quotes, let’s look at some ways to get the lowest possible premium.

  • Good student discounts.
  • Anti-theft devices and airbags.
  • Combining your Idaho auto insurance and Idaho home insurance policy with the same company.
  • Keeping your commute mileage down by carpooling or taking public transit.
  • Insuring a vehicle that is low on the theft list.
  • For the future, keep a clean driving record–no accidents or citations.

Now that you know what affects your rates and how you may get lower Twin Falls insurance quotes, it’s time to start searching with a trusted source like NetQuote. Take the guesswork and the hassle out of your Idaho insurance shopping. Start your search now!

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