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Georgia Home Insurance for You

The Empire State of the South has rhythms and nuances all its own. From Okefenokee Swamp up to Stone Mountain, the way of life in this beautiful state is uniquely Georgian. And to preserve the life they lead, residents need to protect their own little empire. Georgia home insurance is important no matter where in the state you live. Although there’s no law requiring home insurance, lenders regularly require you to purchase it as a condition of your loan. In any event, adequate coverage for your dwelling and possessions-and against liability-protects you against serious losses in the event of a disaster. If you shop around for the best Georgia insurance quotes, you’ll find a price that works for you.


The Basics

All Georgia home insurance quotes begin with deciding the type of policy you want:

    • HO-1: This basic policy is pretty limited in its scope; you’ll be protected against normal weather-related events and burglary.
    • HO-2: In addition to HO-1 protections, this policy covers damage from falling objects, ice and snow, and water damage from leaking or frozen pipes.
    • HO-3: This policy covers all physical losses except where specifically stated in the policy (such as flood, earthquakes, and wars).
    • HO-4: Designed for owners and tenants of cooperative units, this policy covers a tenant’s personal property as well as personal liability for damage caused to the unit.
    • HO-5: The same as HO-3, plus coverage for personal possessions (except any exclusion listed in the policy).
    • HO-6: The same as the HO-4 Georgia, but for condominium owners.
    • HO-8: Similar to the HO-1, but instead of replacement cost coverage, this policy offers cash payment; a good choice for older homes, where the value of the property might exceed market value.

Your Costs

Most people are surprised to learn that they can influence a substantial portion of the pricing for their Georgia home insurance quotes. Sure, there are some baselines that determine insurance premiums, including the type of home, its structure, distance from the fire department, and type of roof. Other factors-credit history, claims history-will also affect your premium, at least in the short-term. But don’t stop searching for better Georgia home insurance quotes. Perhaps your credit has improved, or you replace the roof on your house. You can even make immediate upgrades that lead insurers to see you as a safer customer. Recently, the average home insurance premium in Georgia was $746 per year. If you install deadbolt locks and a burglar alarm system, that price can fall down to $672. Even more significantly, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can drive a $746 premium down to $634.

The Rush of Water

Summer brings hurricanes to the Southeast, and the Peach State is certainly not exempt. Though not as danger-prone as coastal areas, Georgia residents have found in the past that hurricane winds can inflict significant damage. There are two issues here. First, check your policy to determine the coverage for wind-related events. While your dwelling is probably protected, make sure you purchase enough coverage for your possessions, since the typical policy will cover them at about 50% of the dwelling coverage.

Second, hurricane rains often bring floods, and Georgia has a serious history of floods. Just a few inches of water can cause several thousand dollars of damage to your house. Policies do not typically cover flooding, which requires you to purchase a separate federal policy. If a pipe breaks and causes a flood in your basement, there’s a good chance your policy will cover the damage. But flooding caused by a storm will fall under FEMA regulations, so it’s important to investigate your federal insurance options, even if this means overall higher Georgia home insurance quotes. Document your possessions before any storm situation; if a tornado hits, carefully document your damage. This gives you the best chance of recovering their full value.

Gone With the Wind?

Let’s keep the popular book title just that, rather than a euphemism for suffering significant losses. By comparing homeowners insurance quotes, you’ll find a deal that meets your needs. Do it yourself, or turn to a convenient free service like don’t leave yourself unprotected.

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