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Safety in Numbers: Georgia Business Insurance

It’s not just about Coca-Cola. Well before the 1996 Summer Olympics brought all eyes on Atlanta, the huge city had been driving the economy of the South. Ted Turner’s booming television stations are carrying quite a load as well. But look beyond the ATL, and you’ll see a number of unique producers around the Peach State. There’s Elberton, the Granite Capital of the World. And Dalton, the Carpet Capital of the World. And while peaches get the prestige, pecans might just be the real king. Billions and billions in assets need to be protected around Georgia–and not just for big corporations. Georgia business insurance is for anyone who operates a business. Take the cue from an economic leader and find excellent coverage. And while you’ll need to spend to protect your interests, Georgia business insurance quotes can be reasonable if you look around.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws are generally complex; they are broad in one sense, but contain numerous exclusions and sub-rules that are sometimes difficult to keep track of. Georgia business insurance in no exception. But generally, every employer in the Peach State with at least three employees must purchase a workers’ compensation policy. How much this costs varies. The number of employees, payroll costs, and dangers of the job all influence Georgia business insurance quotes. A granite factory probably entails more risk than a CNN studio, for example. For the employer, this is a beneficial law overall. There are monetary limits to workers’ compensation benefits, so preventing employees from suing you can save thousands and thousands of dollars. In addition, you could get fined $500 a day until you provide coverage.

Liability and Georgia Business Insurance

It may seem obvious to cover yourself against someone injured on the site of your business, but there’s a lot more to liability coverage. One of your employees may cause damage in the course of business, such as a Coca-Cola driver whose brakes go out. In a related story, commercial automobile liability is also important. A consultant in Macon may think he’s safe from accusations of providing wrongful information if the recipient ended up suffering financial losses from that information. But even a recommendation may be the basis for a lawsuit, which makes professional liability very important. It’s worth seeing how much liability coverage you can package in a single policy, as this can lead to huge savings in your Georgia business insurance quotes.

Property and Georgia Business Insurance

If you live in Albany, Georgia, there’s a decent chance you know a pecan farmer. If so, let him in on a secret: he needs to review Georgia business insurance quotes that cover his land, his storage facilities, his equipment, any other structures, delivery vehicles, and maybe things such as fertilizer. Any business owner knows to protect the actual building or office where business is conducted, but your assets often extend far beyond those borders. Make sure you purchase enough coverage to replace any valuable business assets from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and more.

Home-Based Business

A 38-year-old woman who starts a business out of her home in Marietta may think she doesn’t need Georgia business insurance because she already has a home insurance policy. However, this policy will not cover her business property if the business is incorporated, or if it has a name other than her own. Usually a homeowner’s policy won’t provide more than $1,000 for business property. In addition, she won’t have any liability protection. She’ll need to immediately begin looking for Georgia business insurance quotes.

Save Time and Money

Instead of fretting over Georgia business insurance, save that time for a Bulldogs football game or a stroll through the Savannah hills. The surest way to find reasonable Georgia business insurance quotes is to shop around, and you can save hours by letting a service like compare Georgia insurance offers for you. And that will let your business stay sweet as a peach.

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