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Driving the Peach State: Georgia Auto Insurance

Consolidation Saves Money

Georgia residents know how this works: buy a single Coke from a vending machine, and you might spend a dollar. Buy a six-pack, and the price per can is less than half that. In a similar fashion, you can easily save money when you compare Georgia auto insurance quotes by making informed decisions. One way to save on both your auto and home insurance policies is to combine them in an umbrella policy. You may also want to add a health or life insurance policy. Placing multiple drivers on a single policy also reaps benefits. In Macon, a 28-year-old married woman who drives a 2005 Toyota Camry to work every weekday pays around $1,070 per year for the state minimum coverage. If she adds her husband-who drives a 2007 Volvo S60 to work daily-to her policy, the total cost for both of them is about $1,195-a huge savings per person.

Safety Is the Best Policy

In one sense, you could say this means driving carefully (or maybe just staying out of the car altogether in Atlanta). But since this is rarely a reality, the safest thing to do is find the best auto insurance quotes. You can compare offers or turn to a free service like, which makes the process quick and painless. And if you’re a safe driver, with no history of accidents or traffic violations, you’ll find a premium as refreshing as an ice-cold Coke.

Please provide a valid zip code.