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Aiming for Amiable Tamiami Insurance Quotes

Whether you own a business off the Tamiami Trail, winter in South Beach, or work as a kind of cultural ambassador welcoming new immigrants from Cuba to the US, you seek a creditable and easy way to find Tamiami insurance quotes. After all, living on the tip of Florida is expensive and dangerous — particularly if you own a car and home. Insurance rates for the Sunshine State, as we will soon see, tend to be devastatingly high, and you may not have cash in the bank to get the coverage you want. At the same time, you don’t want to go without coverage — not only because this might be in violation of the law but also because it exposes you needlessly to potential financial devastation. In short, you are in a fix. Luckily, this essay can suggest some tried and battle-proven tactics to improve the kind of Tamiami insurance policy you can qualify for while simultaneously lowering costs.

FL Auto and Home Insurance: A One-Two Punch?
Let’s look at the stats. In 2007, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners took a look at auto and homeowners rates across the nation, and the stats for Florida were not good, by any stretch. Floridians paid $1,043 for auto insurance and $1,534 for homeowners insurance (HO-3 policies). That’s a total of over $2,500 — just off the bat. Your insurance rates could be much higher — or lower — given factors such as the safety of your neighborhood, the security you have on your home and car, your credit score, your driving habits, and the deductible you have on your policies. For comparison, consider that the average homeowner in the NAIC surveys paid $822 and the average driver paid $795 — that’s $900 less than what Floridians paid. Idaho homeowners paid just $422 in 2007 for homeowners, and North Dakota drivers paid just $512 for auto. That’s a total of $934 — nearly half as much as Floridian spent on homeowners alone!

Before you get too alarmed, remember that these numbers are just averages. There are specific tactics and strategies — that essentially work across the board — that you can employ to get better Tamiami insurance quotes. For instance, try raising your deductible. Higher deductibles translate to lower premiums because you take on more risk. Also, scout discount opportunities for being a good student, senior citizen, low claims driver, and low mileage driver. Talk to a credentialed agent about other ways to save as well as coverage to exclude. And be sure to vet any prospective insurer before doing business. Services like Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best can give you unbiased evaluations.

Don’t Get Slammed Shopping for Tamiami Insurance Quotes
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