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Like a high-powered magnet at Tallahassee’s High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida‘s capital city has been sucking in new residents by the droves. According to a recent census, Tallahassee is growing at a prodigious 12.4% rate, due to a boom in high-tech and manufacturing businesses. Whether you’re a new or old resident, like Florida’s talismanic symbol –the alligator –you likely want to snap up Tallahassee insurance to fuel your long time security. The free online service, NetQuote, can avail you of five or more quotes for life, home, health, auto, and other types of insurance –and you can access all quotes by filling out just one questionnaire.

Automatic Auto Insurance Help

Spend a few minutes browsing the auto accident statistics at the Florida Bar, and you will quickly understand why Florida had the fifth highest average expenditure for auto insurance in the U.S. at $1,043, as of 2007. Let’s break those numbers down further: Floridians paid an average of $719 for liability, $289 for collision and $116 for comprehensive. Florida drivers must carry both property damage and bodily injury protection, which includes coverage for rehab, medical bills, loss of earnings, and child care in certain circumstances. Minimum bodily injury liability is $10,000/$20,000. Minimum property damage is $10,000. Please note: Tallahassee insurance policyholders can get one single limit policy that combines these requirements. Also note: according to a 2007 study by the Insurance Research Council, Florida ranked fifth in the nation in uninsured drivers. A whopping 23% of FL drivers lack insurance.

Helping Homeowners Source Tallahassee Insurance Quotes

According to 2009 numbers compiled by the website, Floridians (including Tallahasseans) pay around $980 a year for homeowners insurance. This gives Florida the dubious distinction of being third in the nation for highest home insurance premiums. Why?

You need not spend an afternoon inside the Municipal Code Corporation studying statistics pertaining to homeowners’ coverage to understand this problem. Florida is regularly besieged by natural disasters –in particular, hurricanes –which cost millions of dollars annually. On the high end, Hurricane Andrew caused over $26 billion in damage to Florida’s infrastructure in 1992. Although Tallahassee is somewhat shielded from the woolly weather blowing in off the Gulf, the city is not exactly a fortress against inclement weather. Tornados, for instance, have been known to blow into town. Flooding and pest-related damage also drive up costs for insurers…which get passed on to homeowners.

How can Tallahassean homeowners get lower home insurance rates? Consider improving security by adding a fence, an alarm system and better lighting. Or opt for a higher deductible and exemptions for certain kinds of coverage. Assess your own risks carefully. If you forego flood coverage, for instance, and then a weather system blows over Tallahassee and soaks your condo near Florida State University, your wallet could get soaked as well, figuratively.

Squeezing the Most out of Tallahassee Insurance Quotes

Floridians love their fresh squeezed O.J., but as any grower will tell you, it takes a lot of fresh Florida oranges to make one glass of clean refreshing juice. Similarly, to squeeze out the best Florida insurance quotes for home, life, auto, homeowners, and other policies, it helps to compare and contrast quotes from different insurers. NetQuote can help Tallahasseans gather these proverbial insurance oranges in a simple, efficient way. Here is how it works. Fill out an online questionnaire of about 115 questions. Then use that info to harvest quotes from multiple insurers. NetQuote works with over 100 different insurance companies, so you’re guaranteed a diverse selection of Tallahassee insurance quotes.

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