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Get Sunrise Insurance Quotes When You’re Making a Change

If you’re thinking of changing your insurance coverages and insurance companies, you might take a lesson from Sunrise, Florida. Fifty years ago, the owner/developer of the area planned on calling it Sunset but changed his mind when retirees moving to the state objected to the name. The revised name has worked well for the city, just as a change in your Sunrise insurance could work well for you and your pocketbook. Comparing policies and premiums on your automobile and homeowner’s insurance is the best approach to saving money.

Compare Premiums with Sunrise Insurance Quotes

Sunrise today has its share of older residents but it’s not an inexpensive retirement area; the December 2009 cost of living index in Sunrise was 115.9, well above the U.S. average of 100. That means it’s important to save as much money as you can on essential purchases like automobile and homeowner’s insurance.

Unfortunately, Florida ranks at or near the top of the list when it comes to the cost of both homeowner’s and automobile insurance in the U.S. In 2007, the last year for which figures are available, Florida homeowners paid an average premium of $1,534 to protect their homes-the highest average in the country. Florida drivers paid an average of $1,403 for their auto insurance, which put them as the fifth highest. (These figures come from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.)

In addition to shopping around for the best Sunrise insurance quotes, you can also impact the amount you’ll pay for your own policies in several ways. If you’re looking for homeowner’s insurance, consider raising your deductible to $500, $1,000 or even more. That single change can yield big savings on your premium payments.

When you’re shopping for Sunrise insurance quotes ask for any discounts available for theft and fire protections you’ve added to your home: deadbolts on doors, bars on first floor windows, wired-in smoke detectors or alarm systems.

You may be able to obtain similar discounts on your insurance premiums for your automobile if you have safety features like side airbags or anti-theft devices like an alarm system. You may even save some money on your premium if you take a defensive driving course.

Sunrise Insurance: Look Behind the Name

Although the name of a city may make a difference in people’s perceptions of it (Sunrise has a more hopeful, vibrant feeling that Sunset), a company name shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when you’re looking for Sunrise insurance. Check their financial stability and the record of complaints against them as well as the policy and the premium they’re offering. Remember that when you’re doing that comparison shopping, makes it easy to get policy and premium information. Simply visit the site, fill out a single form (no need to visit multiple agents and fill out multiple forms) and you’ll receive insurance quotes from five of the leading insurance carriers in your area. With NetQuote, you can choose the insurance coverage that best fits your particular situation, no matter what the name of the insurance company that’s providing it.

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