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How to Save On St. Petersburg Insurance

St. Pete residents are cautious come hurricane season. The devastating effects of a torrential storm could not only take your home, but your possessions and loved ones. It’s important that dwellers of the Sunshine City take heed when gathering their St. Petersburg insurance quotes too. Your insurance company could be the one thing that saves you or sends you to the sharks when it’s time to collect.

Disaster Relief

In 2007, the average homeowners premium in Florida was $1,534, nearly double the national average, the Insurance Information Institute reported. There was $33,346,477,364 in claim payments made between 2004 and 2005 as a result of the eight major hurricanes that devastated The Sunshine State, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. It’s no wonder Florida consistently tops the charts in average homeowners insurance premiums. While a standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood damage caused by a hurricane, it will cover the cost of wind damage. That being said, it’s important for residents of the Sunshine City to know if they are housed in a flood zone when they search for St. Petersburg insurance quotes. Pinellas County’s proximity to the coast and its low-lying geography make residents susceptible to surge flooding. According to a 2010 Pinellas County emergency management report, the county is vulnerable to storm surge, a dome of water pushed ashore by powerful hurricane winds. A surge of 12 to 15 feet could flood 42 percent of the county’s households, the report concluded.

Wash Away Your Risk

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief if your home comes out virtually unscathed after a hurricane, but it’s important to keep in mind another one of your most valuable commodities: your vehicle. If you currently have comprehensive coverage on your car, you can rest assured knowing this supplemental coverage will replace your car if you lose it to a hurricane. But you may want to think twice about adding this coverage if your St. Petersburg insurance policy does not include it. Chances are you don’t have a car loan if you’re driving without comprehensive coverage as it would be required by your loan company. So, if your vehicle is paid off, ask yourself if you think you can afford to replace your car in the event it is totaled or if it is swept away entirely.

Let the Sun Shine In

Even though St. Petersburg insurance is expensive, it’s important to plan ahead in case of an emergency. Protect your family members, your home and your vehicles by finding quality St. Petersburg insurance quotes. A free service like NetQuote will locate several companies that will compete to give you the best rate and protect you from the storm.

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