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Finding Port St. Lucie Insurance Quotes

Sure, Port St. Lucie, Florida was recently rated as the safest town in the Southeastern US –and the 7th safest city in the country overall. Yes, the easy flowing St. Lucie River and gorgeous Gulf Stream weather and business-friendly climate has spurred the city to become one of the fastest growing cities in the country, per the US Census Office’s statistics. And yes, the city boasts an extensive network of golf courses, universities, and parks to make living here friendly and clean. But just because Port St. Lucie is so scenic and safe doesn’t mean that your family should forego shopping for quality Port St. Lucie insurance quotes. This article can help you.

Even Vanilla Ice Would Extol the Virtues of Port St. Lucie Insurance

Even 80s hip hop star Vanilla Ice (a Port St. Lucie resident) must, like every other Floridian, carry a certain minimum amount of insurance, according to state law. As of February 2010, Floridians must carry property damage liability as well as personal injury protection. You need $20,000 for bodily injury (per accident) and $10,000 for bodily injury (per person) as well as $10,000 for property damage coverage. If you are frustrated by these high numbers, take heart that you don’t live in New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, or Washington D.C. –all of which have average expenditures even higher than Florida’s. To drive your Port St. Lucie insurance rates down, you need more than a golf driver. Consider applying for low mileage and good driver discounts. If you are a student at the Treasure Coast Campus of Florida Atlantic University, consider getting a good student discount. You can also choose a higher deductible option to qualify for lower rates.

Superior Port St. Lucie Insurance Quotes

It’s no secret: Port St. Lucie is a hurricane magnet. In 2004, the city was slammed by two major hurricanes, Jeanne and Frances. The following year, Hurricane Wilma walloped town. Every year, the hurricane season (from June to November) brings more uncertainty and potential catastrophes to town. Insurance companies take notice of these kinds of trends. And in fact, unfortunately, Florida’s rates for homeowners policies are literally the highest in the nation. The average Floridian paid an amazing $1,534 premium, according to 2007 numbers compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Compare this staggering figure to the average U.S. rate of $822. Idaho, the cheapest state for homeowners’ insurance, clocked in at just $420 –nearly four times cheaper than Florida rates!

Don’t despair, however. You can find quality Port St. Lucie insurance. Some actions you can take include paying off more of your mortgage, choosing a higher deductible, foregoing certain kinds of coverage, improving security and weather protection on your home, buying in a safer neighborhood, and getting rid of dangerous objects in your home, like trampolines.

Pulling into Port St. Lucie Insurance Options

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