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Don’t Go Broke Shopping for Pembroke Pines Insurance Quotes

As local resident Manny Ramirez (of the L.A. Dodgers) might crow, Pembroke Pines has won national civic awards of practically every stripe over the past decade. In 2005, the US Conference of Mayors awarded the city an “Outstanding Achievement Award.” In 2004, the National Civic League selected the town to win the “All America City Award.” And the Florida Department of Education has gushed over the local school system. But if you live in Broward County’s second most populated city, you know that Pembroke Pines has both its ups and downs. To revel in the good times — whether swimming in a backyard pool or shopping in West Pines — you must mitigate against the risks of daily life and business. (For instance, what will you do if another Hurricane Andrew blows the roof off your house all the way into the Everglades?) To that end, shopping around for Pembroke Pines insurance quotes is essential.

Simplifying the Search for Pembroke Pines Insurance Policies for Homeowners and Renters

As the city motto — “Join Us and Progress with Us” — implies, Pembroke Pines residents have a naturally optimistic outlook. Disasters may strike regularly — from hurricanes to political recount debacles. But Sunshine State homeowners like to take a sunny point of view. Unfortunately, not all insurers share the local optimism. In fact, according to 2007 statistics compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, for HO-3 homeowner packages (the most common kind of “all risk” coverage), Floridians on average paid $1,534. This made Florida the most expensive state in the Union by far for homeowners insurance. Consider that the next most expensive state, Texas, saw average homeowner premiums of $1,448 in 2007 — nearly $100 less than the Florida average. And don’t even start to look at homeowners’ premiums in places like Utah, Oregon, and Idaho – all of which had rates three times less than Florida’s premiums.

Does Living Near the Everglades Mean High Pembroke Pines Insurance Rates?

Are Florida homeowners doomed to pay exorbitant fees to protect themselves against catastrophic weather events and other kinds of damage? Not necessarily. First of all, Pembroke Pines is a safe and livable community. Insurers should take this local safety factor into account when assessing your potential risk. You can also do things like removing dangerous equipment from your property and installing features like smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and storm shutters. Sure, it can be time consuming and a little costly to add features like stronger roofing materials and weatherproofing. But these precautionary steps can save you hundreds a year on your Pembroke Pines insurance. And if you live in your current home for 10+ years, these actions can save you thousands over that span of time.

You can also opt for a higher deductible, exclude certain coverage, and buy your home policy from the same company from which you get your auto policy.

Nothing Beats Comparison Shopping to Zero-in on Pembroke Pines Insurance Quotes

Whether you are a teenager who spends her allowance at a shopping mall in nearby Miramar, or you are a contract supplier who services homes in West Pines, you know that the best way to get a good deal on a local service is to shop around and gain an informational advantage.

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