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South Beach Security: Miami Insurance

The fast pace of life in the Magic City rarely slows down. Warm weather abounds, calling you to a white-sand beach or for a cruise in the Bay of Biscayne. There’s never enough time to see all the exhibits at Art Basel Miami Beach or any number of museums. At night, the clubs seem to thrive into the next day, for those who want to shake it to conga, bachata, cumbia, disco, Freestyle, or Miami Bass. You may want to don all white for a Heat home game, or arrive early at a Dolphins tailgate. And you’ll allocate a few extra minutes to get going with your favorite café© cubano. With all this action, and smallest land area of any U.S. city with at least 2.5 million people, you had better keep your eyes wide for accidents. Even better, keep an eye on the latest Miami insurance quotes. You’ll find that Miami insurance is a reliable and affordable way to keep yourself safe.

The Wet and Windy Season

Miami receives more annual rainfall than most cities in the U.S.-nearly 60 inches a year. A great deal of this falls during the “wet season” of May through October, and it’s no coincidence that wet season largely overlaps with hurricane season. In the last few decades, the city has avoided a direct hit from some pretty powerful hurricanes, including Betsy, Andrew and Wilma, but statistics say that streak of good luck won’t last. Due to its location between bodies of water and the low coastal plains, Miami is the most likely of any major city to get hit by a hurricane. You can expect that even basic Florida home insurance policies, which cover wind-related damages, will reflect this likelihood in any Miami insurance quotes you find. There are two keys here: one, you’ll probably want more than basic coverage against such strong winds. Make sure you’re adequately covered for replacing your home’s contents as well as for medical costs. It’s imperative that you carefully review your coverage.

Rising Tides

The second key is considering a flood insurance policy. As you know, some of the worst damages from hurricanes and other tropical storms come from rising water. Once your home floods, you can quickly experience thousands of dollars in losses. Relative to that cost, flood insurance is a reasonable expense. Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy an extra policy to protect your home. When you shop around for Miami insurance quotes, ask insurers if they offer a flood policy. Many do not, which means you’ll need to find a separate (usually federal) entity to provide one. You can determine how much coverage you need based on the location of your home.

Florida Car Insurance Laws

Miami car insurance is governed by state law. In Florida, all drivers must purchase a minimum amount of car insurance: property damage coverage of $10,000 and personal injury protection coverage for the same amount. You’ll likely want to find much greater coverage than this, as most states require more for just minimum coverage. By shopping around, you can definitely find a reasonable price on Miami insurance quotes that meet your needs.

Heading to the Beach

Once you decide the kind of Florida auto insurance coverage you want, think hard about what it means to be a good customer. To insurers, this means being a safe bet. For you, this means lower Miami insurance quotes. A 38-year-old Miami woman who drives a 2006 BMW M3 convertible for pleasure will pay around $2,400 per year (since this is an expensive car) for basic coverage. Minor traffic violations make you a more risky customer; tickets for speeding or reckless driving can add well over $150 to this woman’s premium, so she should think twice about saving a few minutes on a drive to South Beach. But if she has already paid for her car in full, the premium will fall under $1,000. Financially dependable customers receive lower Miami insurance quotes. Really, though, anyone can lower their costs if they try hard enough. If you choose a free service like to compare Florida insurance offers for you, you’ll find that great insurance in The MIA isn’t so far-fetched.

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