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Hooray for Hollywood, FL Insurance Quotes

Whether you live in Lake Eden or Maple Ridge — whether you know America’s Most Wanted host (and local celebrity) John Walsh personally or not — you need a better and faster way to search for Hollywood, FL insurance quotes. After all, Florida is notorious for having super high insurance rates across the board. It’s enough to induce panic, even if you live in a nice section of East Lake or Emerald Oaks. Fortunately, there is no need to act as if a hurricane is about to hit. With the proper preparations, research, and understanding of applicable laws, you can make shopping for Hollywood insurance much less stressful and much more productive — and quickly get back out on the beach or the golf course where you belong.

Hollering at How High Hollywood, FL Insurance Quotes Can Be

According to 2007 statistics compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Floridians spent $1,043 on average for auto coverage — nearly $250 more than the US average of $795. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Florida was the most expensive state in the US for homeowners insurance. The average FL premium was $1,534 — nearly twice as expensive as the average US premium for HO-3 homeowners policies ($822) and nearly four times as much as the average premium for the least expensive state Idaho ($422). Of course, Floridians can get insurance through the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, so it’s difficult to compare Florida homeowners insurance statistics with stats for other states. Nevertheless, Broward County has long been a target of hurricanes flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. On top of that, in both 2007 and 2009, the Hollywood Police Department was riven by scandals and allegations of corruption. Insurers take note of police competence when setting rates for homeowners insurance. The fact that the FBI had to get involved to clean up the Hollywood Police Department’s mess may have direct implications for your Hollywood, FL insurance shopping.

Hanging on to Hopes for Better Hollywood, FL Insurance Rates

You may at times feel like you are at the mercy of the elements — from hurricanes and thunderstorms to local corruption. But you can take steps to qualify for better rates. For instance, get rid of on-property hazards, such as open-air pools and trampolines. Install a security system and smoke detector/sprinkler system. Opt for a higher deductible. Pay off more of your mortgage so that you appear to be less of a risk to insurers. And consider purchasing your auto and homeowners insurance from the same company to save. Most importantly, shop around to identify the best possible deals and to protect yourself against insurance fraud.

A Happier Way to Shop for Hollywood Insurance Quotes

The online service NetQuote can provide an easy and smart way to collect and compare Hollywood, FL insurance quotes. Whether you seek better health coverage, a renters policy for your place in Condo Presidents, an auto policy for the car that you use to commute to the beach, or any other kind of coverage, NetQuote can make shopping for insurance (relatively!) pain-free. Fill out one questionnaire — get five or more quotes. It’s that easy.

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