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Decoding Deerfield Beach Insurance Quotes

Deerfield Beach has sun, sunbathing, fishing piers, golfing, canal cruising, camping, mountain biking, Ski Rixen, Al Capone Island, manatees and many other things that make it Deerfield. It also has some wicked tropical storms and hurricanes making it a place with pricey insurance premiums, particularly for homeowners. So when shopping for Deerfield Beach insurance premiums, it’s best to know what you’re up against.

Blame Mother Nature

Insurance rates have steadily increased thanks to Mother Nature. According to research done by Gannett Florida News, Broward County residents can expect annual losses to average $2,647. Florida took a beating in 2004 and 2005 with eight hurricanes and four tropical storms causing billions. These storms put coastal areas like Deerfield Beach in the Wind-Pool Zone, a high risk area that requires additional coverage. Let’s look at a few of the special features of Florida homeowner’s policies.

Saving with Wind Mitigation Features

First, your policy will likely be divided into two (three if you add flood) premiums –one that covers perils like fire and the other for hurricane winds. Under Florida law, you’re allowed to choose your deductible–$500, 2%, 5% or 10%–depending on the value of your home. Fortunately, Florida requires insurers to discount the hurricane-wind policy if make improvements that will mitigate damage from wind and flying debris. Wind mitigation improvements are things like:

  • Roofing attachment- using 2″ nail spaced at 6″ from plywood edge and 12″ in the field of the plywood.
  • Roof to Wall Construction- using “toe nails”.
  • Shingles or tiles that meet the Florida Building Code.

You’ll need a certified inspector to inspect your home for these items. They can make recommendations and/or certify any improvements made. The good inspectors will guarantee you’ll save more in your insurance than you’ll pay for the service. For an even lower hurricane-wind rate, consider a higher deductible. Let’s look at several basic homeowner examples.

Homeowners: Comparing Deerfield Beach Insurance Quotes

Scenario A: $300,000 replacement value masonry home built in 2005 with a $500 non-hurricane deductible, and 2% hurricane deductible. No claims in the last three years and discounts for wind mitigation. Rates run from $1,945 to $5,397.

Scenario B: $150,000 replacement value, masonry home built in 1990 with a $500 non-hurricane deductible, and 2% hurricane deductible. No claims in the last three years and NO wind mitigation features. The low-end rate is $2,456 ($1,625 w/max wind mitigation) and at the top–$7,979 ($2,009 w/max wind mitigation).

Finally, Saving on Deerfield Beach Insurance Quotes

It’s clear with these two scenarios that there’s a huge difference in pricing, especially considering that wind mitigation features will greatly reduce your Deerfield Beach insurance quotes. Finally, it shows that it pays to comparison shop. Try NetQuote. It’s free, easy and has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

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