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The First State of Defense: Delaware Business Insurance

As history buffs know, Delaware is recognized as the First State. But in one interesting commercial case, the state is actually second: number of civilian scientists and engineers per capita of state workforce. This fact makes for some interesting questions about Delaware business insurance. What kind of liability protections do these professions require? Do they create any dangerous products? How do they ensure they’re safe from members of the general public who misunderstand how something operates? They can save themselves a headache from dealing with these issues by investigating liability insurance when they consider Delaware business insurance quotes. And really, this is equally true for a chicken farm in Sussex County: every business person needs to protect his or her interests, which requires a Delaware business insurance policy with–at minimum–property and liability coverage. Through online shopping, such coverage can be very affordable.

Patented Protection

In a statistic related to the number of civilian scientists and engineers, the Blue Hen State also ranks second in number of patents issued per 1,000 workers. Why, you wonder, would a company need Delaware business insurance for a patent, which is itself a form of insurance for intellectual property? The answer: legal costs. If a company sues you for a patent violation, patent liability insurance will cover some or all of the cost of defending yourself. On the other hand, if you go on the offensive against a company whom you believe has violated your patent, a patent pursuant insurance policy helps offset those court costs. The American Intellectual Property Law Association estimates the legal costs for a patent lawsuit to average between $0.5 million and $5 million–for each side. If you don’t search for Delaware business insurance quotes related to patent protection, you could be taking a costly risk.

Delaware Liability Insurance

Lawsuits are also at the heart of this aspect of Delaware business insurance. Anytime a customer, employee, or even visitor gets injured by your business, they may want to sue you. This could be a class-action suit from customers who feel they were misled by product warnings from one of the state’s large pharmaceutical companies. Maybe a visitor gets injured on a trip to the Dover Air Force Base. The point is, you don’t know many of the situations until they occur, so prepare yourself for any contingency. Begin with liability for on-site accidents and potential accidents in the course of business, wherever that business may occur. Your Delaware business insurance quotes for these kinds of accidents will include a workers’ compensation policy. Then think about potential product defects. Also, a professional liability/errors and omissions policy can provide a great shield against misinterpretations about your products and services. You can usually save money by bundling these into a general liability policy–especially if you shop around and compare different insurers.

Your Delaware Business Property

A chicken farm in Sussex County has a lot of property to protect. There’s the area where the chickens are kept, where food is stored, and the processing facilities. Trucks used for deliveries are important. And don’t forget the chickens themselves. Your livelihood goes nowhere without them. When you protect against an accident such as a fire or severe weather, you need to cover all your valuable assets with Delaware business insurance. Certain insurers specialize in areas like agricultural policies, as well as many other unique professions. If you compare their Delaware business insurance quotes, you can get the coverage you need.

Finding the Right Price

The Blue Hen State has corporation-friendly tax laws, which leads many business owners to search for Delaware business insurance quotes as a corporation. But any owner–sole proprietors, LLCs, etc–should take the time to search. Or you could turn your search for Delaware insurance over to, who can compare dozens of premiums in minutes–and for no fee. It’s a very simple and reliable way to find good rates on Delaware business insurance. That way, your business in the Diamond State can really shine.

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