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A Steady Habit: Connecticut Business Insurance

The work of an investment fund manager in Fairfield County seems relatively safe as far as day-to-day business goes. Your firm may have very few employees, few visitors, and physical risks are few and far between since most transactions are conducted by phone and email. Connecticut business insurance is the furthest thing from your mind. But business is like the border between land and Long Island Sound: things may look placid on the other side, but if you’re suddenly thrust into the deep water without a life vest, your opinion will change in a hurry. As someone who monitors the costs and performance of various products, you probably realize the value of comparing Connecticut business insurance quotes. And really, it’s easy enough for any business owner to do.

Why Liability Insurance?

In the case of the head of an investment fund firm, Connecticut business insurance could start with something called an errors and omissions policy. If clients feel they have been misled by your investment advice, you can protect yourself from a lawsuit with this type of coverage. Actually, this is a sound decision for anyone who advertises, posts signs, etc. When customers feel that they’ve been harmed–physically, financially, or in other ways–by some aspect of your business practice, they may decide to sue. This could be a deliveryman who slips in your retail store in Hartford. It could be a woman in Bridgeport who was harmed by a defective product. There are many forms of liability coverage that factor into your Connecticut business insurance quotes. And there’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Connecticut Workers’ Compensation

Since 1913, the Constitution State has had a workers’ compensation statute. In addition to the risk of lawsuits and costly medical bills from employers injured on the job, employers put themselves at risk of fines from the state if they ignore this part of Connecticut business insurance. Part of the cost of Connecticut business insurance quotes will be the risk level of your workplace. Long Island Sound isn’t exactly the Arctic, but employees on a fishing boat will still encounter more risks than an insurance office in Hartford. But the injury doesn’t have to happen in your office, store, or factory. An employee driving from New Bedford to Providence for work-related reasons is also eligible for workers’ compensation if injured on the ride. This policy helps that driver, and also helps you by providing for lost wages and medical bills.

Your Business Assets

Fishermen would be in pretty bad shape if a storm caused rough seas and destroyed one of their boats. Not only are these expensive to replace, but the ability to make money will be severely compromised. Connecticut business insurance must include property protection. And this will include nets and other important items, such as instruments to clean the fish, or maybe packing supplies or storage facilities. The same goes for a more traditional office and the equipment within. Your Connecticut business insurance quotes need to provide protection for all the inventory that makes your business function.

Saving on Your Connecticut Business Insurance

At the same time, maybe you can afford to replace the printers. If you choose less protection, your Connecticut business insurance premiums will be lower. You might also be able to afford a higher deductible, which could save you 25% or more. If you let a free service like investigate Connecticut Insurance options for you, you’ll be able to see quotes side by side within minutes. This kind of Connecticut business insurance shopping is the kind of tradition the Constitution State can be proud of.

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