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Building a Bridge to Better Bridgeport Insurance Quotes

According to BPort’s official anthem (penned in 1915), “Bridgeport, I am longing for you, for you’re a grand old town,” Connecticut’s largest urban city is a place of magic and yearning. But if you are a lifelong BPorter, you recognize the stresses that city life imposes: pollution, industrial decay, a sagging economy (as of 2010), and political corruption. But hope remains. As the old song goes, “Bridgeport, I am coming back to you.” and so (one hopes) the town may witness a renaissance.

Whether you commute daily into Bridgeport via Route 8 or I-95, volunteer at the Beardsley Zoo, or sell tickets at the Barnum Museum or Housatonic Museum of Art, you seek detailed and credible sources of Bridgeport insurance quotes. After all, although Southern Connecticut boasts a thriving cultural life, pollution in Bridgeport Harbor, DUI drivers on the US 1, and a roly-poly real estate market can easily throw you for a loop and knock you off your budget. This article can provide critical information about Bridgeport insurance stats, tips and tricks, as well as an easy way to source and sort quotes, so you can get back to doing more fun things, like day-tripping on Fayerweather Island or packing up to attend the Gathering of the Vibes Festival.

Bridgeport Insurance for Auto, Health, Homeowners, and Renters
Auto — In 2007, Connecticuters paid $964 on average for their auto insurance, ranking CT as the 10th most expensive state in the union for auto. Connecticuters paid $603 for liability, $124 for comprehensive, and $334 for collision. (There is some bright news, here — only 9% of CT drivers lacked insurance, in 2007, according to the Insurance Research Council.) Here is one idea to get your rates down: drive less. Talk to your boss about telecommuting to avoid sprawling trips on US 1 and I-95. If possible, take the metro to New York City and New Haven when you need to get out to the big cities. A low mileage discount can qualify you for savings of 5% or more.

Health — Living close to Long Island Sound has pluses and minuses. On the positive side, you can access beautiful CT beaches and fishing. On the negative side, you can be exposed to pollution blowing in off of the harbor. If you live in a polluted part of town, consider moving. Be sure to air out your home or apartment, since indoor pollution appears to be a serious cause of conditions like asthma and emphysema. Healthy Bridgeporters pay less for insurance.

Homeowners — As of 2007, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Connecticuters paid $929 on average for homeowners and $196 for renters insurance. (Compare this to the US average for HO-3 policies — $822 for homeowners and $182 for renters). To lower your potential Bridgeport insurance quotes, get rid of nuisances on property, such as trampolines and open air pools, and quit smoking, as some insurers charge smokers extra due to increased risk for house fires.

Nail Down the Best Bridgeport Insurance Quotes
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