How to Find Colorado Health Insurance Quotes 2017

The motto may be colorful Colorado, but when it comes to health insurance, things are pretty black-and-white: You either have coverage that works for you or you don't. Of course, the best plan for Colorado health insurance is a different thing for a reasonably healthy young adult trying to save a few bucks during tough economic times and a fairly affluent individual with a history of medical problems. But no matter what your situation, finding reliable and affordable insurance starts with an online Colorado health insurance quote. That's exactly what we offer at NetQuote, but you may find it helpful to review this basic overview of health insurance in Colorado before making a request for quotes.


Low-Cost, High-Deductible Colorado Health Insurance Plans

Preventative medicine sounds like a great idea and, in many cases, it is, but it depends on the application. America's Health Rankings placed Colorado as the 8th most healthy state in 2009, but this, too, is only part of the story. Many state residents take advantage of the outdoors culture and ample opportunity for exercise to stay in great shape. And the mountain air does more than just expand your lung capacity. Fewer germs and contaminants survive in the high altitude. Of the 6 million people who visit the doctor for contact dermatitis, the common cause is exposure to poison ivy, but the nuisance plant doesn't survive about 4,000 ft. Similarly, the altitude cuts down on a number of airborne allergies, which send an additional tens of millions of people to the doctor.

The truth is that in Colorado, not everybody needs the type of comprehensive health plan that covers annual trips to the doctor. Naturally, you'll still need coverage for major medical procedures, especially if you're an avid skier, climber, or hiker. And these low-cost, high-deductible plans must be designed to match your budgetary resources. You don't want a $5,000 annual deductible if you have limited savings. On the other hand, you're liable to be pleasantly surprised by how low premiums can be for basic insurance protection against major medical expenses.

Making Colorado Health Insurance Accessible

Colorado has instituted a number of programs and policies to increase the accessibility of health insurance in the state. First, Colorado is one of only nine states to offer special "group of one" status to self-employed individuals so they can enjoy the same benefits, guaranteed coverage, and lower costs of the small group health insurance market. Next, the state offers a high-risk insurance pool, CoverColorado, to create access to health insurance for individuals with preexisting conditions, expired COBRA benefits, and even disabled individuals who can't buy a Medicare supplemental policy. Of course, you probably also know that the federal government has gotten in the game, too, with their sweeping health care reform legislation. To see how this legislation stands to specifically benefit Colorado, use this governmental resource.

Find an Affordable Colorado Health Insurance Quote

Between being able to make decisions from the low-pressure environment of your own home and the lower overhead costs that translate, albeit indirectly, into lower premium rates, there's no doubt, in today's world, that shopping online for a Colorado health insurance quote is the best way to find affordable coverage. But you can't rely on the built-in advantages of the system without doing your part by comparison-shopping amongst the quotes you do receive. In fact, since it takes only a minute to submit a request for Colorado health insurance quotes, you should have even more time to consider the details of plans offered by the companies that offer insurance policies in the state. Better yet, by using a reputable online referral service, like NetQuote, you're matched only to licensed insurers, so you've already eliminated the worst-case scenario of getting scammed by a fraudulent company just by using our service. There's no reason to hesitate any longer; start the process by making a request now.