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Bucking the Misconceptions About Greeley Insurance

Bull riding, barrel racing and calf roping are the main focus of the Greeley, Colorado’s annual summer rodeo held during the week around the Fourth of July. Staying on a bull takes strength and endurance, traits that some Greeley residents may think are also required when it comes to finding insurance for automobile and homeowner’s insurance policies. Fortunately, comparison shopping for your insurance isn’t really that difficult.

Shop Around for Greeley Insurance Quotes

Whether you’re in the market for Greeley insurance for your home or your car, it helps to understand what your insurance policy options are and what kind of choices you’ll have to make before you shop around to get the best rates. Take homeowner’s insurance, for example. Your mortgage lender will require you to carry certain coverages to protect its financial investment, but you can decide what additional coverages you need. Many people choose to add flood insurance or sewer backup protection to their original policies. You may also need additional protection if you have a lot of jewelry, antiques, or other expensive property in your home.

Colorado law requires drivers to have certain minimum liability coverages for their vehicles, so any Greeley policy for your vehicle must cover those minimums. The state is also requiring all automobile insurance policies to provide at least $5,000 med-pay coverage, which provides money to pay for injuries sustained by a driver and/or passengers involved in a crash.

Getting the Cost of Your Greeley Insurance Under Control

Just as a rodeo rider learns to gauge his ride’s strong and weak points, you can learn to check any insurance policy you’re considering for its good and bad points. The Greeley insurance quotes that you get can vary widely from carrier to carrier, which is why it’s so important to compare several insurers’ policies. Make sure that any policy you’re considering has the minimum coverages and limits that you require. Don’t forget to ask about the cost of any extra coverages that you want.

Compared to other states, the costs for Colorado insurance are on the high side for homeowner’s insurance with an average premium of $826, according to 2007 figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The average premium of $738 for automobile coverage places it midway in the pack.

You can expect your Greeley insurance quotes to vary from this figure depending on your specific circumstances. For homeowner’s coverage that includes the size, age and type of construction for your home, and for auto coverage the make and model of your car and your driving record. While you can’t control many of these factors, you can ask insurers about any available discounts that would help cut your premium cost.

A Swift Solution to Finding Insurance

Rodeo riders may be unhappy when they spend only a short amount of time on a bull’s back, but when you’re searching for competitive Greeley insurance quotes spending as little time in the process is a good thing. speeds the policy comparison process. Instead of filling out a separate form for each insurer –a process that can take a long time, since there are 115 questions on the auto insurance questionnaire –you simply fill out one form and get quotes from up to five top carriers in the Greeley area. It’s fast, easy and efficient –and gives you more time to spend doing what you really want to do.

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