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A More Fortuitous Way to Collect and Contrast Fort Collins Insurance Quotes

Whether you’re an itinerant truck driver who clocks hundreds of miles a month on I-25 and US 287, a Colorado State University freshman bracing for your first Rocky Mountain winter, or a homemaker escaping from Denver to what Money Magazine deemed “The Best Place to Live” (in 2006), you require serious help parsing Fort Collins insurance options.

After all, dangers lurk in surprising places here. You could get attacked by a bear in Roosevelt National Forest, encounter a DUI driver on the way to a Rams game on State Highway 14, or suffer medical complications while training for the Colorado Marathon. Unfortunately, sourcing tailored Fort Collins insurance quotes is a lot like getting tickets to a pre-sold out performance at Lincoln Center on Magnolia Street — frustrating, time consuming, and ultimately often fruitless. There are just too many options. What you need is a simple and clean way to compare what different insurers might offer you in the way of auto, health, homeowners, life, and beyond — without wasting hours online at different insurance company websites filling out questionnaires. This essay can guide you to an easier solution.

Understanding Laws and Statistics Related to Fort Collins Insurance
Auto insurance — Coloradans paid $738 on average in 2007 for their auto coverage, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) — around $60 less than what the average US driver paid. Examining the numbers more carefully, we see that Coloradans paid $264 for collision, $167 for comprehensive, and $429 for liability. 15% of state drivers did not have insurance in 2007, according to the Insurance Research Council. Thus, when you select your policy, tack on some uninsured motorist coverage. Your insurer will calculate your premiums based on your lifestyle, demographic group, credit score, and other factors. To qualify for lower Fort Collins insurance quotes, take a defensive drivers course, avoid getting into accidents, and prep your auto to drive safely in the mountains by maintaining it well and installing antilock brakes and daytime running lights.

Homeowners insurance — Colorado homeowners paid $826 on average for homeowners insurance (HO-3 policies) in 2007 according to the NAIC — just $4 more than what the average US homeowner paid. If you are a CSU student and you rent, your coverage might be around the Colorado average of $231 for renters insurance — much steeper than the US average of $182. To get those rates down, choose a higher deductible (money you pay out of pocket before your insurance can help), and avoid making claims on minor items, since doing so may disqualify you from the so-called “low claims discount.”

Health insurance — That fresh Rocky Mountain air can be a boon to your health. Avoid indulging too much in hedonistic pleasures, such as the Colorado Brewers’ Festival, as getting a beer belly can increase your risk for diseases and lead to hikes on your insurance premiums to top it off.

Collecting a Range of Fort Collins Insurance Quotes
For detailed information on all sorts of insurance packages for your home and business, utilize the free service here at NetQuote. Here is how it works. Fill out our online questionnaire. Get back (at least) five Fort Collins insurance quotes. Speak with a live agent (if you like) to make sure you get exactly the coverage you need and no more. You are also welcome to use the library of free articles at NetQuote to explore tips and tricks to save.

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