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Peak Protection: Colorado Springs Insurance

You don’t have to participate in the annual Pike’s Peak Marathon to appreciate the natural beauty right outside your door. Nor do you have to make a weekly trip to see the glorious red rocks at the Garden of the Gods to understand why Outside Magazine named Colorado Springs one of America’s best cities. But one look at the throngs of people visiting these sites each summer, and you definitely have to question driving without a solid car insurance policy. And unless you’re leaving home insurance to someone else during the winter, you should worry about your home and contents being protected against a winter storm. Colorado Springs insurance is essential year-round. That decision is easy; finding Colorado Springs insurance quotes you can afford is the challenge.

Determining Your Costs

The Colorado Springs average annual premium for a home insurance policy has been about $686 in recent months, which is down a bit from a few months before. This is just one reason it pays to shop around for better Colorado Springs insurance quotes-Colorado home insurance rates change all the time. So do your needs and your profile. Let’s say that, based on an average price per square foot of $121, you need $254,100 in coverage for your 2,100 square foot home. But at some point, you decide to buy high-end appliances, install a kitchen island with granite top, and make other upgrades. You likely need coverage worth over $300,000, and you should look for Colorado Springs insurance quotes that are suitable for this amount. When you begin your search, make sure to include any changes to your profile: better job, new graduate degree, improved credit score, and new fire and theft protection measures.

Driving in Colorful Colorado

Safety begins with obeying the law. Colorado requires every driver to purchase a minimum amount of coverage, the 25/50/15: bodily injury liability of $25,000 per injured person, up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability coverage of $15,000. This basic coverage is often referred to as 25/50/15 coverage. A newer law also requires a medical payment policy of at least $5,000 (for anyone who doesn’t opt out in writing). Begin searching for Colorado Springs insurance quotes with these parameters. The first time you’re caught without Colorado auto insurance, you’ll be subjected to a $500 fine, points on your driving record, and possible license suspension. Second and third offenses add at least another $500 to your fine, and a four- or eight-month license suspension.

Precautionary Tales

With the Air Force Academy close at hand, you might assume a level of personal responsibility in the Springs. One thing is for sure: if you act irresponsibly, your Colorado Springs insurance quotes will suffer. If a 28-year-old woman has a clean driving record and continuous insurance history, she’ll pay about $574 each year to insure her 2003 Saturn Ion for the state-required minimum. Something as minor as a speeding violation can add $150 to her premium. Or, if she let her car insurance lapse, she can expect her cost to rise about $100. Whether or not you face these situations, you can always find ways to pay less. A car alarm, an upgrade to anti-lock brakes, decreasing your annual mileage by taking the Mountain Metro to work-these are all potential ways to save. If you use a search service like, you can see the effect on your Colorado insurance premiums with a quick, easy comparison of all potential insurers. Don’t forget to look around at all the offers. You can make those peaks a little more scalable.

Please provide a valid zip code.