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Navigating the Slopes of Colorado Home Insurance

Colorado home insurance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, Colorado’s diverse and unique geography, demographics, and meteorology mean that home insurance rates vary as much region to region in the Centennial State as the homes being insured and the people insuring them. Whether you live along the Western slope, have a cabin high in the mountains, call the Front Range home, or set up shop on the eastern plains, the key to getting reasonable Colorado home insurance quotes lies in understanding your individual and regional insurance needs before you begin shopping around.


Regional Colorado Home Insurance Considerations

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to identifying your unique insurance requirements, we’re here to help. Here is a list of some high profile factors that influence Colorado home insurance quotes in order to give you a better idea of the types of concerns every Coloradoan needs to have on their radar:

    • Wildfire risk —The record breaking wildfire year of 2002 changed the way insurance companies look at forest fire in Colorado. What used to be viewed as an isolated risk is now seen as a serious threat, and insurance providers no longer turn a blind eye when it comes to insuring homes in Colorado’s Red Zone. If you live in the Rockies and are looking for Colorado home insurance quotes, expect to pay higher premiums than the rest of the state, and don’t be surprised if your home insurance policy is conditional on an inspection by your insurance provider and your own willingness to adopt wildfire risk mitigation and prevention plans.
    • Home values —Home values are often overlooked when the subject of home insurance comes up in Colorado, despite the fact that it’s one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in determining your annual premiums (after all, your coverage amounts are linked to your home’s estimated value!). To that effect, knowing your home’s current value is the best protection against being underinsured, and the only way to be certain you’re not paying for too much insurance, depending on the current state of the housing market. Home values are also a reason why home insurance rates vary so much region to region in the Centennial State. You’re going to pay far higher home insurance premiums if you live in the Republic of Boulder than if you call Alamosa home, even if you’re looking at identical blueprints.
    • Thunderstorms and Tornadoes —Insurance providers in the Centennial State largely determine rates based on the risk that they’ll have to pay out on a claim, and nothing raises red flags quicker than severe weather. Unfortunately, for those who live on Colorado’s eastern plains, that more often than not adds up to higher premiums. According to NOAA’s Severe Storm Laboratory, southeastern Colorado experiences a higher frequency of thunderstorms than anywhere else in the nation, and severe thunderstorms that are responsible for high winds, severe hail, and tornadoes are matter of course across the eastern plains. Like it or not, those factors are going to be reflected on your monthly bill if you’re a flatlander.

Understanding Colorado Home Insurance Trends

Regional concerns aside, one of the least appreciated, and least known, facts about home insurance rates is that they’re always on the move. Case in point: a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute (III) placed the average rate for home insurance in Colorado at $826 per year in 2007, while statistics from placed the average home insurance policy in Colorado at just $697 in December of ’09 (a 15% decrease in just two years!). Switch to a telescopic lens, however, and things look a little different. also notes that home insurance rates in Colorado actually rose from $691 in September of ’09, to $694 in November, and again to $697 in December of the same year. In other words, it’s a smart homeowner in the Centennial State who keeps up on the going rate of home insurance, and keeps an eye out for the arrival of low rates that are too good to refuse.

The Most Valuable Tool in the Hunt for Low Colorado Home Insurance Quotes

All that being the case, perhaps the most valuable tool available to homeowners searching for home insurance quotes is the internet, where researching home values, regional insurance concerns, potential providers, and soliciting online Colorado insurance quotes has never been easier. Furthermore, if you utilize the free services of an online insurance quote provider like, you can get a list of quotes from reputable providers at the click of a mouse, allowing you to compare service, rates, and coverages on your way to securing the best deal for all of your insurance needs in Colorado.

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