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Colorado insurance is as wide-ranging as the state and as diverse as the population. Case in point: the mountain west poses far different risks to motorists and homes than does the Front Range, and neither has much in common with the eastern plains. The differences can be even more striking when you look at Colorado’s demographics. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that city slickers in Denver have different insurance needs from rural residents from La Junta, or high rollers in Aspen. In short, acquiring Colorado insurance quotes is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, making it that much more important for Coloradoans of all walks of life get to know their individual insurance needs if they hope to get the best value on insurance in the Centennial State.

Calculating Colorado Insurance Costs

For starters, however, it’s good to get a baseline on what insurance is likely to cost in Colorado, and most Coloradoans are satisfied to hear that Colorado insurance ranks middle-of-the-pack when compared to the national average. Here are a few stats to help satisfy your curiosity:

    • Colorado Auto InsuranceIn a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute (III), Colorado ranked 24th in the nation for auto insurance rates, with an average cost of $738 per year. To put that in perspective, the District of Columbia ranked first with annual premiums of $1,140, while Iowa had the cheapest auto insurance in the nation at $518 per year.
    • Colorado Home InsuranceAccording to recent data compiled by the III, Colorado ranked 16th in the nation for home insurance rates, with an average cost of $826 annually. That’s $708 less than the $1,534 a year that residents of top ranked Florida pay, and $404 more per year than last place (depending on how you look at it) Idaho.
    • Colorado Health InsuranceA study of U.S. census data by the consumer advocate Commonwealth Fund found that Colorado ranked 24th and 28th in the nation for single and family oriented health insurance plans, with average costs of $4,303, and $11,952 per year, respectively.

If Only Colorado Insurance Were That Easy

As comforting as it can be to know what the average Coloradoan pays for insurance, it’s important to realize that your individual circumstances and Colorado insurance needs ultimately determine your insurance rates. For example, the increasing numbers of homes being built in Colorado’s Red Zone (high wildfire risk areas) are more expensive to insure than homes in the rest of the state, and many insurance companies now send inspectors to evaluate wildfire risk and establish wildfire risk mitigation plans that homeowners must follow in order to obtain coverage. And if you commute daily from Fort Collins to Denver on I-25, you’re going to pay higher auto insurance premiums than a rancher up in Yuma, simply because of the increased risk that goes hand in hand with spending a few hours each day on one of Colorado’s busiest, and most dangerous, stretches of interstate. On top of the typical home and auto insurance most people carry, business insurance costs in Colorado can also add up pretty quickly, which even a cursory look at Colorado business insurance quotes will reveal.

Where to Turn for the Best Colorado Insurance Quotes

Regardless of who you are and where you live in Colorado, however, there are proven strategies for saving on insurance that apply across the board. Maintain a good credit history, only file insurance claims when they’re absolutely necessary (insurance companies do keep track and share your claims history with a national database), and take advantage of discounts such as good student discounts, good driver discounts, and discounts for consumers who double up on home and auto insurance with a single provider, or life insurance and homeowners insurance just to name a few examples. Finally, be sure to shop around, and shop around often, when it comes to Colorado insurance quotes. Not only does using an online quote provider like make it easy for you to keep on top of current insurance rates (which are always fluctuating, both over time and from provider to provider), but soliciting Colorado insurance quotes from an online quote service also makes it possible for you to compare the coverages, rates, and service of multiple providers, allowing you to be certain you’re getting the best rates, and the best possible insurance coverage, for all of your Colorado insurance needs.

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