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How to Find the Best Whittier Insurance Quotes

People who have never visited Whittier, California, might be surprised at how much of the city they would actually recognize. Whittier is a popular filming location, and views of the city can be seen in movies and television shows like Back to the Future, The Wonder Years and Terminator 3. Although it’s not possible to find the best Whittier insurance coverages and the best insurance rates for your home or your vehicle by watching any show on screen, you can find them by shopping around for multiple Whittier insurance quotes.

Cutting the Cost of Whittier Insurance Coverages

California residents paid an average premium of $925 for their homeowner’s insurance in 2007, according to figures collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Those were the 11th highest premium costs in the nation.

When you’re looking at Whittier insurance quotes, however, you’ll probably find that some of rates that insurance companies charge are significantly lower–or higher–than this average. That’s because the quote that you get will depend on your home’s age, its construction, its size and your proximity to fire protection resources (a fire hydrant or a fire station).

A 2010 premium survey by the California Department of Insurance illustrates the wide spread. For a five-year-old, $400,000 home in the general Whittier area, homeowner’s premiums range from $581 to $2,373–a difference of more than $1,500! You could save more than $100 a month by shopping around.

It’s the same situation when you’re looking for Whittier insurance quotes for automobiles. The 2007 NAIC figures show that California residents pay an average of $800 for their automobile insurance coverages. That’s on the low side for the Whittier area, however. A basic liability policy, without any comprehensive, collision or uninsured motorist coverage, could run anywhere from $710 to $2,300 according to the California Department of insurance 2010 survey. Rates for standard insurance, which contains those extra coverages, are even higher, ranging from $1,716 to $5,366!

The Efficient Way to Whittier Insurance Quotes

Although you can see why shopping around before you buy insurance is so important for saving money, you may still be reluctant because you think it takes too much time and effort. Who wants to call up or visit several agents and fill out paperwork again and again? So here’s a suggestion that you’ll recognize as a good deal: why not go online, fill out a single form, and get quotes back from several of the leading insurers in your area? That’s what happens when you visit NetQuote is the fast and efficient way to do your comparison shopping for insurance. NetQuote does the work for you, leaving you more time for hobbies like watching movies and TV shows to spot various Whittier locations.

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